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    Over the past couple of years I have been dealing with neighbors that share our trash can. They have a high, wooden fence and don’t have to see the alley. Well, I do. They throw bags and bags of trash over the fence! It doesn’t stop there; we’ve seen them push mattresses over, chairs and tables!

    So I reported it to the city and it went nowhere. Again nothing. Online nothing. The city would service the area but then that night-trash! In the service reports, it shows they were never contacted. I have never confronted them because we have also seen them shoot off guns and I really don’t want to confront them because they seem pretty reckless. I don’t think they’ll shoot me, but I do think I will piss them off and they will act out. “Let’s throw trash in her yard instead!”

    Now I have them on video throwing the trash over their fence.

    Is there anyone that has had issues like this before? What did you do about it?

    Who should I report this to so something gets done?

    I was thinking of calling the non emergency police line and say they were littering but I don’t want to take an officer away for something like this. Columbus 311 has not been helpful. I know it’s just some trash but open trash attracts a lot of gross things :/


    …this happened today.



    Outside of 311, isn’t there a “report a dumper” line for stuff like this?

    (I would also add take advantage of your neighbor’s association, if there is one. Others may be having similar issues and working as a group may have better results. They may also be able to get you in touch w/ the assigned CPD community liaison officer for your area.)



    Here is my best suggestion:

    Find out who your particular City code enforcement officer is – look here:


    Email that person, succinctly explaining the continuing situation, that you’ve tried to go through the 311 system and that nothing was happening there; attach your video, maybe a couple of still photographs a little closer to the pile (showing food waste, whatnot that is clearly a hazard).

    Give them 48 hours, then follow up with a phone call.

    FYI – That is ridiculous. My response would be to wait til I knew they weren’t in the yard and throw that shit *back* across the fence. Maybe with all my spent cat litter. But I’m a little vindictive like that. Who even generates that much garbage? That’s like a 6 month supply!

    OH – mention that you are concerned about bedbugs & about the other vermin the garbage is attracting. Nasty.

    I’ve had pretty good luck with emailing my local code enforcement person, in particular if I have dated pictures attached. That gives them something concrete to work on, and clear evidence of an issue.



    thats awesome. I would just tell them off.



    It’s apparently no longer called “nail-a-dumper” (too bad), but here’s the SWACO dumping report system: http://www.itsacrime.org/

    Contacting the city will likely result in them contacting SWACO. Just go direct.



    Good info, Twixlen. I need to start compiling all of these for my area and keep a list on the bulletin board near my computer.

    Jimmy Mak
    Jimmy Mak

    No lie, this was my neighbor’s yard when he lived next to us:

    We called 311 and they were very responsive and I believe were the reason he was eventually evicted. The man who helped us was named John Hughes (easy name to remember). Maybe you can ask for him as he seemed very interested in helping.



    That is very disturbing. I’ve also had great luck with code enforcement. I’m surprised the trash guys pick that stuff up being it isn’t in a can



    I dealt with it here in Highland West two months ago and here’s who I contacted. http://www.itsacrime.org/

    I submitted it via email and was contacted by a city inspector two days later. He informed me that he advised neighbor to A. install a gate, or B. walk his lazy ass around the fence and place it in the dumpster or C. he was going to fine him. The neighbor had also placed the stumps from a 100 year old tree out there between the fence and alley. I kid you not, that neighbor was out there in the rain with a chain saw cutting that stump down to dispose of it, so whatever this inspector does must be pretty good!

    Best of luck!

    ETA: this is weeks faster than 311 as I believe that this gentleman’s only job is to deal with dumpers and he’s fast. Also I found that 311 closed the same request because there was no “proof” it came from that neighbor. Ridiculous but that’s another ball of wax.



    Call the Police on 911 … tell them it is a health risk. Inform that you are fearful that your children or the neighborhood kids will get into the trash and that the neighbors are junkies and there are probably used needles in the trash. I would freakin play hard ball with assholes like that … they have NO class.



    Wow, the ultimate trashy neighbors.

    Lots of good advice so far.

    You could try to get them evicted if they’re renters. Look up the owners on the auditors website.



    Matthew wrote >>
    ETA: this is weeks faster than 311 as I believe that this gentleman’s only job is to deal with dumpers and he’s fast.

    Indeed, they are the dumper nailing specialists.



    Holy Crap for a second I thought those were my neighbors LOL
    I have also heard that reporting it to itsacrime will get that shit fixed with a quickness or hefty fines I say call them call them soon other wise the shit will keep getting dumped and you will only be more pissed. Besides that stuff attracts rats and racoons that make the problem even more of a pain.
    Don’t call 911 though it will be your ass if you do. It’s not an immediate threat to your life and the officers all ready have their hands full with other nonsense.



    On the plus side, you’re not really sharing a trash can at all.



    Thanks for the tips. So far, an area code enforcement supervisor has been in contact with me and has stated, “Unfortunately Code Enforcement has not been given the ability to issue notices to people who dump trash on other property. We are only able to issue orders to the owner of the property where the debris is located.”

    So I sent her the video and said it’s behind their fence, isn’t that still considered their property. I am waiting for a response back now.
    I have contacted Nail A Dumeper and I am going to call the hotline in a few to force the issue.
    311 also has an open service request stating “will follow up” in the comments so I am going to call them back today as well.

    *I don’t think we have a neighbor’s association (or at least one that cares.)
    *The trash guys never pick it up but after I complain to 311 it gets picked up. I assume they send someone out to do it. That’s great they are picking the trash up but let’s not waste my time by having to call you again and waste your time having to come clean it up when it happens again.
    *I can’t say that I haven’t thought about throwing it back or putting a note on their side of the fence to call them out but these guys shoot off guns to pass the time. So having professionals do it is best. I did throw a chair back at their fence when they were outside. It didn’t detour them from dumping though because it was right before I shot the above video. lol

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)

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