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    does anyone know of any mechanics that offer free estimates in or near downtown? they don’t even have to be good… it’s only my power steering but the last mechanic said it’ll cost me 600 dollars and that seems ridiculous. Thanks!

    (oh and i did a search and nothing came up… well actually a lot came up but nothing on topic)



    The place I’d go to is called Haydar’s, it’s at 1134 Corrugated Way, right around Cleveland Ave and 5th Avenue.

    It’s located in a white building that has undoubtedly seen better days. There is a driveway to the right side of it–drive on it (passing a graveyard of old cars) and go into the back, where there’s a large garage door that leads into their service area. There’s a bit of parking to the right of the garage door.

    The place looks crazy ghetto (and it is) but they’re good with ordinary repairs, they’re inexpensive and they are very honest.

    Haydar and his brother Ji are from Palestine, but everytime I go there it seems like it’s JFK airport–a crazy mix of different cultures and peoples.



    I have had very good experiences with Larry at Tong Da auto on Indianola and Oakland across from the India Oak Grill. They get Angie’s List honors every year.



    Also I would like to add that if you know the year make and model of you’re car and you know what you need you can call and get estimates over the phone instead of going to different places ;) That way you have a good idea of the average cost .



    i think a lot of the places that have anything “free” aren’t at the very least being upfront. i think charging the same labor price for estimates is about what i’ve experieced, and i’ve done light car work myself (pads, rotors, drums, velocity sensor, heh, can’t remember what all, but no like rebuilds or anything).

    Anyway… All I can say is I’ve been going to North End Wrench just north of cooke on the 4 route… and they’ve always been upfront and honest, and a fair price.

    It is possible that with power steering, their may be some non-destructive diagnostics, some pressure testing, checking codes, they could do with a half hour or so in labour. but then to get at the problem, or if it is a systemic thing, they might as well just fix it while they have the thing tore apart, so that’s why and estimate may be a moot point, by the time they find the problem.

    look for a hose thing to be around 200 max, compressor thing to be yeah like 600…. once you get up into 1500+ you’re talking serious engine or drive train things, or entire systems… and then after those three layers of things, there’s not much else you can do to a car, hehe ;p



    yea… the thing is, if its going to cost 600 dollars… i would just scrap the car and buy a new one… seeing as how i drive less than 2 miles a day to work and back… if i drive at all… i’m really just putting off having a car payment as long as possible.



    some points!

      [*:83d23af17a]do the safest thing you can, and riding the bus is fun and cheap and safe!

      [*:83d23af17a]$600 is only like 3 or 4 car payments

      [*:83d23af17a]could get something equivalent to what you have now maybe $1500?

      [*:83d23af17a]in theory if is just the power and not, say, the steering proper, you could drive like that with a workout, but again, safety first.

      [*:83d23af17a]i wish these things were sound investments, but i guess we all literally drive the things into the ground

      [*:83d23af17a]buy a chiltons book, find a friend that’s good w/ cars or something, but again, do the safest thing.

      you could spend a lot of time with all the what-ifs, but really safety for yourself (and me on the other side of the painted line) is the key.

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