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Marvel Unlimited

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    Anyone here have any first hand experience with a Marvel Unlimited/Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription?


    It’s their Netflix-style service with 13,000 back issues, at least 6 months old. I thought about it a year or so ago, but when I found out it wouldn’t work on tablets or phones I had no real interest anymore. The iOS app came out a couple months back, and the android app came out this week, so now I’ve been researching the reviews again. The app seems to be buggy for a lot of folks, but I’m SURE it’ll get multiple fixes soon. It’s ten bucks monthly, but if you go for the yearly its on sale til the fifteenth for $5/month. And it seems like I waste five bucks or more on dumbshit left and right, so if the app’s a bit janky for a few months, it still seems like getting in on the cheap price would be worth it. Unless, of course, there’s some good reason I should steer clear that someone can warn me about…




    $60 for a year seems crazy cheap. My bf has a bunch of comics and this sounds like it has a lot of potential. I imagine the traditional comic book stores are probably pretty worried about this even with the 6 month delay.



    Yeah, the price just seems unbeatable, especially considering most single issues run three, four or five bucks a pop. And given that 90% of the comics I buy I wait on the trade collection, and 90% of those I buy used, I’m definitely not going to be waiting any longer for “newer” issues than I already do. The value is a no-brainer, unless the app actually IS as busted as some of the user reviews make it out to be. But user reviews in app stores are notoriously crybaby, so I was hoping to talk to someone who actually has it and get their take on it. . .



    wait.. comic books to read, but not collect? I’m out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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