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    My wife just told me about this kid’s new business.


    He’s making candles for manly men that don’t like girly scents. His currently holiday offerings are Hot Cocoa, Buttered Popcorn, Campfire, New Mitt & Fresh Cut Grass. Just $5 each.

    Here’s his home made commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xSfNyotlqA

    Go buy your man a little something and support this little entrepreneur.



    looks pretty cool. nothing listed about how he is accepting payments..
    but i would get a few if he took PayPal.

    he’s in Marysville though, so i wonder if he would sell them through an indie outlet here someplace?
    anybody want to carry them in their store?


    There are a couple of stores in Marysville that carry them. (Worth repeating, and Christos (spelling?)) This business was just started before Thanksgiving so it really took off and most of the owners free time has been spent making candles. After the holiday rush man cans hopes to do more distribution through retailers. Possibly Plain City, Dublin and maybe one place downtown Columbus.

    We will look into PayPal as well. To be honest there was not much expectation of selling outside of Marysville when this got started.



    I love seeing young people going for it like this. I would volunteer some time to help this kid develop his brand a little bit, I bet we could get some web/ecommerce help sourced through cu as well.



    That’s great. Yay for kid entrepreneurs.

    Chris Sherman
    Chris Sherman

    nothing wrong with getting your hustle on!


    I now have some of my candles for sales at Hausfrau Haven in German Village on 3rd street. I am also working with a shop in the short north called Bink Davies so look for them there soon.


    New video blog with Hart Main, CEO of ManCans. Discussing new scents and soon to be discontinued scents.



    Wait…which kind of grass is it? :)



    Someone in my family received one of these candles for Christmas – I think the “new glove” scent aka new baseball glove. Pretty brilliant, IMO.



    I know someone who knows the father. She has smelled some of the scents and says the campfire one is amazing, she doesn’t know exactly what went into it but it does smell like a campfire.


    +1 on the campfire. I purchased 2 candles and they are awesome. You have to love the disclaimer sticker on the candle! Best of luck!


    Mancans is being featured on NBC Sports tonight at 11:15


    This kid has been all over the news lately! Awesome!



    I saw a clip on msnbc a few days ago. Many affiliates around the US broadcast his story as well.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)

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