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    I am planning on purchasing my first home soon and have been looking at some properties in the Maize-Morse neighborhood. For those unfamiliar, it is bounded by I-71, Morse Rd., Cooke Rd., and Maize Rd.

    Looking at crime maps and getting a feel for the neighborhood by driving through it several times, I feel fairly confident it is a safe area. However, I plan to sell in 5-10 years.

    What can you guys tell me about the area? Do you think it is wise to buy a property there? Or is the area at risk of going “downhill” and costing me a lot of money when it’s time to sell? Are there any rentals in the area that tend to be high in crime?

    Thanks in advance for your input.



    From when my husband and I were looking a couple of years ago, we found the Maize/Morse area to be a pretty nice, safe area with a lot of older residents and some young families moving in. If you’re looking in that part of town, check out Kenmore Park, too (www.kenmorepark.com). On a map it doesn’t look impressive, but it’s a wonderful place to be! Prices are pretty similar to Maize-Morse and it has the added bonus of a very, very active group of neighbors.



    I can’t speak to that neighborhood specifically, but I’d also give the relatively nearby Minerva Park area a look. I’ve had friends move there recently, and it seems like a great neighborhood with astonishingly reasonable house prices.



    I am open to other areas, but I would prefer to be as close to downtown and the Old North Columbus area as possible (under 10 minutes is ideal). Also, my girlfriend works in Hilliard, so I need to try to stay within 20-22 minutes of her workplace.



    Ideally we would buy in Clintonville, but I have found very little in our price range. Also love Grandview, but that’s even more out of our price range. Safety is also a big consideration. I think it’s great to be an urban pioneer and help revitalize a neighborhood, but I just don’t have the patience or personality to put up with some of the aspects of high-crime areas (I realize the neighborhoods you guys suggested are not bad areas). Also must have a useable basement (I’m a drummer) and at least a little bit of a backyard.



    I live near this area and like it a lot. It is more reasonable than Clintonville, and you get a lot more for your money in terms of space. There are also several homes for sale just outside the bounds of the neighborhood with huge lots for reasonable prices. Although there isn’t a lot of walkability outside of the neighborhood, my partner and I have found it’s quick and easy to bike to Clintonville and Old North. As you noted, getting on the highways is a breeze. I’ve experienced less incidences of crime/petty theft/fishy people here than I did living in Victorian Village, Clintonville, or campus. I take reasonable caution with my home, car, and valuables, and haven’t had any problems. I bike through this neighborhood late at night, and feel safe.

    There were two schools that service this area that are slated to be closed (Brookhaven and International MS). These closures may affect the home values in the 5-10 year timeline, and is worth considering. Since many people in your situation seem to be buying homes in the area, combined with the efforts to spruce up the northern parts of Indianola and the Morse corridor, I would only expect values to rise.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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