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MADLAB presents FFN’s Date Night

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    This Valentine’s Day, Full Frontal Nudity will tell you a story of love … YOUR story of love! Based on the best and worst true-romantic stories you tell us, FFN will retell that story from a different point of view. New characters! New circumstances! Maybe an alien or two, who knows? You’ll have to come to the show to find out.

    MadLab will present FFN’s Date Night, true life tales of love re-told as only FFN can do it– through improv in a not so true way– at 8:00, January 26th- February 18th, Fridays and Saturdays, opening Thursday January 26th at MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. 3rd St., Columbus. Tickets cost $10, $8 Students/Seniors, $6 Members. Call 614-221-5418 or visit http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/Buy_Tickets.html

    MadLab presents FFN’s Date Night

    Thursday January 26 8pm

    Friday January 27 8pm

    Saturday January 28 8pm

    Friday February 3 8pm

    Saturday February 4 8pm

    Friday February 10 8pm

    Saturday February 11 8pm

    Friday February 17 8pm

    Saturday February 18 8pm

    All performances at: MadLab, 227 N. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215, http://www.madlab.net

    Ticket prices are $10 for general admission, $8 for students/seniors, $6 for MadLab members.

    For reservations call 614.221.5418 or send to [email protected]


    Andy Batt – Director

    The Players:

    Vicki Andronis, Andy Batt, Sarah Brunet, Peter Graybeal, Josh Kessler, Chris Lane, Nikki Smith, and Stephen Woosley

    The Columbus Foundation, GCAC, and OAC support MadLab throughout the year.

    For The Lovers

    Director Andy Batt answers some questions about FFN’s latest Valentine’s Day show:

    How this is different from last year’s couples improv show?

    I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly different than past Valentine’s Day improv shows. They all have the same basic foundation – relationship improv. However, for this one, we are incorporating several different kinds of improv formats, games and presentations in a way to craft something really unique.

    Why does this kind of show work?

    At its heart, improv almost always works because it incorporates the audience in a deeper way than a typical play does. With this format, we are going to be bringing a couple on stage to participate in the show at a deeper level than most improv does. They will be an integral part of moving the show forward as we let them craft the comedy of their relationship.

    Anything else that makes this show awesome?

    Besides the incredibly good-looking nature of our cast and the fact that the audience can see the kind of improv they are not going to get anywhere else in town, what more do you need?

    Date Fright

    Some of the FFNers talk about their bad first dates:

    Nikki Smith: Best first date? Well a guy flew me to Atlantic City for a weekend once when I was in college. My parents still don’t know. Wait… is this going to be published? Crap.

    Stephen Woosley: I used to take them to Chuck E. Cheese. So, I guess I was the bad first date. But, one of them married me. So, I guess she loved the band. Of course, I’m legally prohibited from being within 500 feet of a Chuck E. Cheese, so it’s not an issue now.

    And one from FFN superfan, David Edge:

    Here is the worst first date I ever had, along with the backstory:

    I was a 3rd year law student, relatively freshly broken up with my 3 year girlfriend. I was studying at a Denny’s on a gloomy afternoon. My waitress was cute, and we made a lot of small talk as the afternoon went along. We were the only people in the dining room for long stretches. We talked about our exes, the fact that she was a single mother (like my sister), about movies that were out, random stuff. I thought she was interested, but then decided that she may have just been bored. So, I wrote her a note on the back of the check saying that I was interested, but didn’t want to put her on the spot since I was tipping her. Then I told her to give me a call if she was interested in watching one of the movies we had been talking about. I get out to my truck (I know, but it was Nashville) she pops through the door and yells my name. I go back to her and we make plans to go out the next night.

    I pull up to her place at a little before 7. A guy dressed like he was headed for a factory opened the door. He gave me a nasty look and told me she was in the back. He then shouldered past me, got into his truck and left. Turns out, that was her ex-husband. They had been divorced a few months, but neither could afford to move out yet. He worked nights, so he was on his way to work.

    So, ok, not the best start, but she was attractive and we’d had fun at Denny’s. Whatever, it was a first date.

    We get to the movies, the guy cards her because we were going to watch the Ring. We laughed about how flattering it was that she looked young.

    The previews for The Ring kick off, and The Two Towers was the last one. We both said how awesome it looked, and that we loved the first one. Then, as the preview ends, she leans over to me, as I’m in mid-popcorn bite, and whispers: “really, I like these movies because they show my second favorite period in history.”

    I manage not to choke, or say anything, but internally, I’m like WHAT?!

    We watch the Ring, she cuddles up to me and I talk myself back into her. I mean, so what if she isn’t the brightest, right? I’m single, blah, blah, blah.

    The movie ends and we go to my favorite bar for a drink. They are checking IDs that night, and when she sees that she says “oh, let’s not go here.” I’m confused, but we go next door to a cafe that serves coffee, tea, and alcohol. The bored waitress there asks for our ids, and my date digs around her purse and says ” damn, I brought the wrong purse, I forgot my ID at home.” I’m confused, but don’t say anything. Our waitress buys it and grabs us beers.

    After 3 or 4 beers, I casually mentioned that maybe her ID dropped out of her purse in my truck after the movie. She looks a little guilty, and then admits that she is 19. Ok, I’m 24 at the time so it isn’t exactly cradle robbing, but she does already have a kid. After filing a mental note to use a condom, I ask her about her son, who was the same age as my nephew. She sighs and tells me she actually has three kids, all by her ex-husband.

    At this point, I’m totally blown away about how badly I’d misjudged this situation. But, as she talked, I talked myself back into her. She WAS hot, and whatever, lots of women in my family had gotten pregnant young or been a single mom.

    We have another beer and, just making conversation, I asked her if she had trouble finding a baby-sitter? She looked guilty again and admitted that her kids weren’t living with them right now. The kids had been taken away by children’s services because she and her husband had gotten into numerous drunken fights that the neighbors had called the cops on.

    I was pretty much done then so we finish our beers and leave. The cafe was very close to my apartment, and it was early, so I asked if she was interested in coming over and watching TV. To my surprise, she said yes. Of course, when we got back we had some pretty hot sex, after which I pass out.

    She wakes me up at 4am. I look at the clock and ask her what was wrong. She tells me that her ex will be home around 4:30 and she needed to be home, or he would come looking for her. I told her I wasn’t scared, but she said he might use this as an excuse to hold up on signing the divorce papers! Apparently, everything she had told me initially was a lie.

    So, I took her home. There was not a second date. So many lessons learned that night.



    I hear that a couple will be pulled up one stage and get served wine and cheese during the show…that sounds like so much fun!



    This is true!! Its tons of fun. I am taking a friend tonight!


    Justin Golak

    If you’re going to the February 17th or 18th shows, stay for stand-up, with COMEDY’SPLOSION 2012 immediately following at 10PM!




    Had a great opening weekend for FFNs Date Night. A few couples found out more about their past then they thought. Come out this weekend and maybe you will even be a part of the show.
    Also, MadLab is super excited to have Justin and the comics for Comedy’Splosion in a few weeks.
    Hope to see you this weekend!!

    Here is my terrible date story.
    I was fixed up with this guy through a friend. He was not my type at all but I was being open. On one of our dates, second or third I think, he started a fight with a man and his family in Olive Garden. He somehow accused the man, who was with his wife and kid, of hitting on me when they went by our table and the man said hello. He proceeded to scream at the man all through dinner until we were finally asked to leave. Yeah, that was the end of that.



    Great improv tonight and Saturday!! Check it out. http://www.madlab.net.




    Its closing weekend this Friday and Saturday. Head to MadLab for a beer and some great improv. Then stay later for some of the best stand up comedians in Columbus. It will be a helluva evening!!


    Went last Saturday and show was hilarious. You will laugh a lot.

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