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Looking for Tattoo Artist

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    @Amy, it’s me…Helen! We worked together for a short time at a different place. I also came to your shop on arcadia the weekend it opened and bought an Apron for a friend. Back to the topic at hand – I’m really dying for some sleeve work & hope I can find an awesome artist without leaving the city. The artist is going to have to be a little funky though – no skulls or fish or birds for me….I’m talking glazed donuts, sushi and a variety of other food and drink items artistically jammed into an upper sleeve.



    Mr Waitress has been going to Scott at Sovereign Collective (high st near bodega) who is really great. Scott created a 3/4 sleeve for a chef friend of ours with all sorts of food-related items and it is amazing. color is great, and he drew everything himself. i’ll see if i can snap a picture tonight when i see him.


    @lisa, I’d love to see a pic! Thanks for the tip on Scott.



    Anne wrote >>
    I doubt this is a good way to pick a tatoo artist, BUT today’s groupon is: $49 for $100 Worth of Tattoos, Piercings, Jewelry, and Products at Evolved.

    Chris Churchill at Evolved is sweet! At Soveirgn Collective (Short North Tattoo) There is a guy named Carey who’s very good with color and very creative as well as kind, professional, and easy to work with. http://shortnorthtattoo.com/



    spookygoddess78 wrote >>
    Since the break up of 8-ball Tattoo years ago,!

    D Willy is at Sweet Baby Octane on 5th Ave. I got my first Tat from him in 92 when 8ball was on High st. B got some work from D Willy last year and it’s pretty awesome. And she said she had a great time working with him as well.



    I’ve had an incredibly detailed color piece in the works for quite a while now. I’ve been going to Anna Banana at Evolved. Color is her thing.

    Here’s a photo of the tattoo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4083682030/in/set-72157608393141513/ It’s in the process of finalizing and touchups now. (The reference photos are in that flickr set too, so you can see how dead on she got this.)



    Should you (or anyone else) feel compelled to travel outside of Columbus, I can personally vouch for the great work of Eric Starr, owner of Arkham Tattoo in downtown Akron & Natalie Roelle, co-owner of Voodoo Monkey in Cleveland (Ohio City neighborhood).



    Check out Julie at Adorn Arts on Indianola, near Studio 35. Creative, good color work. Easy atmosphere to hang out in.



    Second vote for Julie. Husband and I just had herons done and her attention to detail is incredible. I love her open sunny studio too. I posted photos of our work to the Adorn Arts facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=adornarts.com&init=quick#!/pages/Columbus-OH/AdornArts-Tattoo-and-Artist-Collective/356918338834?ref=ts



    How do you feel about Greg Donchatz



    I’m also looking for a good tattoo artist, but I’m looking for someone who’s good at pretty much the exact opposite of what Spooky (the original poster) was looking for. That is, I want someone who can precisely copy a relatively simple, all black design, as well as some foreign calligraphy in all black. I know this probably sounds like a relatively easy job for any competent tattoo artist, but I’m looking for someone who really excels at this kind of thing (i.e. sharp, accurate, crisp lines). And suggestions?



    these artist have done all my tattoos.check out their work. they are very clean and professional

    kevin stress

    scott santee

    david tevenal


    Of course I’m going to use this as a chance for shameless self promotion!!!!

    Hi, my name is J.Brett Prince, owner/artist at Short North Tattoo. I have been tattooing since late 2003. While much of my art tends to lean towards the dark and macabre, I enjoy working in many different styles and try to stay versatile so that I can better approach a wide variety of projects. I feel that the interaction between myself and many clients has exposed me to images and disciplines that I may not have encountered on my own. I value that interaction and my ultimate goal with each tattoo is to render the client’s idea as closely as possible to their original vision, while still maintaining the traditional elements of tattooing necessary for longevity. In additon to tattooing, I enjoy working in virtually every other artistic medium. I have always loved art and it has been an integral part of my life. I have had the good fortune of learning from many amazing artists through my still evolving career.

    Here are my websites:

    Here are some examples of my work:


    See the Doppelganger here!!!![/url]



    I know that cardinal!



    someone got the predator tattooed… hilarious.

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