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Living in the Historic Circles?

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    My husband and I are house hunting in Victorian village and wanted to get some opinions on the “Circles” neighborhood (which is comprised of 6th and 7th aves west of Neil). Originally we didn’t want to go north of 5th and preferred closer to high but since we have never lived in this area, wanted to get more opinions. We are in our late 20’s, no kids, and have active social lives. We would love to be able to walk to bars and restaurants and throw the occasional gathering at our house. Please let us know thoughts on location and in particular any thoughts on the Circles neighborhood. Thanks in advance!



    I’m a long term resident of the SN and also worked at Battelle for over 15 years. I live on Neil near Buttles and have walked through the Circles many times over the years along my walking commute to work, as well as to events a Ohio State, etc. I’ve always viewed The Circles as an area with many of the highest quality historic homes in Victorian Village. Recognizing that there is also a significant number of rental units in that area, it’s both a great area to own a home or to rent. In addition to high quality architecture, because the streets are partially blocked at the perimeter of the area, the level of traffic, parking demand, and noise in the area is generally well below average for the SN, so that’s an additional positive factor.

    Yes, the distance to High Street is a few blocks farther than if you lived east of Neil, but there are some bars and eateries much closer, along 3rd Ave, and some near King & Neil. The walk to High Street also isn’t insurmountable. Also, there’s entertainment and shopping now opening west of Olentangy, places like Zauber, Market District, and Haufbrau, and even Lennox Center. Some of those locations are walkable from The Circles; crossing Olentangy at King or 5th can be tricky, but not impossible.



    I’ll take that area over the area south of 5th any day. Less traffic, less noise, less crime, easier parking. Longer walk to High, yes, but as goldenidea mentioned, there are other areas you can walk to. As long as the weather is nice, it’s a pleasant walk to High St. Probably not going to want to walk all the way to Jeni’s or Lemongrass, for instance, but Bodega or Surly Girl is very doable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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