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Former Liquid Space in Short North to Become Plasma Donation Center

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    I heard a gay bar was going in this space. Really?…plasma?



    Well that’s certainly no good. Just outside of the southern Clintonville boundary there is one of these plasma centers. I have heard from numerous residents in the area that they are concerned about the types of people hanging around the area. I’ve even had some shadey folk around my house and I’m a little over 1/2 mi away.

    Clintonville Portal Park (next door) used to be a big hang out for them in my area. The new design (to be remodeled next Spring) will incorporate benches that are not condusive to people laying down on them (i.e., no bums sleeping in our park).



    What was it before it was Little Brothers?



    That’s what I hear, but its been a while since I’ve been over there.



    No I mean, historically, what sort of business occupied that space before Dan Dougan turned it into a rock club.



    Brant wrote >>
    No I mean, historically, what sort of business occupied that space before Dan Dougan turned it into a rock club.

    Wasn’t it a used furniture store?



    It was Gene’s Used Furniture when Dan moved in. He took the building through the painful/expensive process of getting it rezoned – I think to something like “cabaret” which allowed him to use his liquor license and for people to congregate (and dance – which was oddly something that had to be zoned for specifically because of the way ancient city code was written.)

    It was originally a library. Not sure what it might have been in between.



    I would be much happier if this space turned back into a gay dance club called “Plasma” instead.


    cyclist II

    Its was built as the Northside Library.



    It was a library but before that it was something called the Brown Dye House and before that I think it was built originally as a bank.


    Jim Lauwers

    Hey! Bio-Blood Components Inc., owner of everybody’s favorite short north bar warehouse, is in the news!

    “I was humiliated and embarrassed,” said Pace, 22. “It’s not right that homeless people can give blood but homosexuals can’t. And I’m not even a homosexual.”

    …for telling a straight man he looked too gay to donate blood. Whoops.

    Naturally, Bio-blood offered an apology

    No one at Bio-Blood returned calls seeking comment




    Based on ‘appearance of gayness’ is retarded, but since all blood is tested it just adds an extra level of fear mongering and discrimination.

    I would love to just bash the plasma place, but part of this is based on outdated laws which make it impossible for gay men even to donate to the Red Cross even with blood screening in place. I have gay friends who were turned away at blood drives as others watched, maybe they should put up signs saying ‘Gay blood not wanted’ on the vans to avoid personal embarrassment. Again, all blood is tested, employees are told to screen out gay people with questionnaires. The ‘gay appearance’ test is silly, but so is the mountain it sits on.

    edited to add;
    The article is very vague. It might not have been his ‘appearance’ but how he answered the questionnaire (behavior) that got him turned away. There is definitely some sensationalism going on.


    Likes Old Houses

    I think we can kill this thread now.
    -Plasma Biological Services LLC bought the former “Eye Cneter” at McMilen and High.
    -I saw a “for lease” sign on the side of the fornmer Liquid space the other day, marketing it as a resturant/bar space.
    My math puts the rent at $6,400/month

    Though I suppose we could start a whole new conversation on the impact to the SN by moving this facility a few blocks north.



    In the “Columbus association for the blind” building?



    Bad news for the Peach District…(and probably WP). I also think it will attract panhandling and intoxicated people hanging out around the library.

    It makes me really want the 5 story apartment building to go in now. It sucks it has a Walgreens, but I think a dense new apartment complex of market rate rents aimed at graduate students would help that section a lot.

Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 229 total)

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