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    Lifetime purchased a few LFF locations and the customer list. The original owner of LFF also has an ownership stake in a couple which he will rename. Unfortunately the downtown location appears to not have made the cut, I guess it was not as profitable as the rest. It is a shame as it was centrally located for office workers.

    The deal at Lifetime is better than nothing, but it seems only discounted for 4 months. LFF was decently priced and had a great downtown location for a quick workout, imho.



    ohio4life said:
    Does anyone know how the billing cycles work for Lifestyles? I just got billed on the 14th. Was that to cover my membership in December? If so I now have paid for both December and January (you pay your last month when you enroll…I believe) and I have no gym to go to as of December 1st. I work/live downtown and don’t plan to drive to the suburbs for a workout. I called customer service and they are completely confused. The representative couldn’t even tell me how the billing cycles work. They promised to call me back, but I’m not sure I even know enough to plead my case for a refund. Any thoughts? New gym suggestions would also be appreciated. I’d prefer a gym on the north end of downtown with a reasonable rate if possible. Thanks!

    Hey, I got billed on the 15th, the day they announced the closing….I too also paid a month in advance. There e mails give no phone numbers or reply options to question the billings. I just disputed it through my card provider hoping they will deny them the charge. I am going to try out the YMCA. They have a 3 day free tryout and a pool. Absolutely no way I am going to Easton and that traffic nightmare….well, that and the fact that Easton reminds me too much of the Truman Show.



    i remember when lifestyle first came to Columbus

    the scams they tried were crazy

    you want $150 for a processing fee?right



    I just got billed yesterday for another month, sucks, PITA! i don’t think I’m going to be making it to Lifetime, thought about it, not that convienient, would take too much time.



    I drove up there on Sunday. It was a 20 minute drive (x2), way too long imho. I really wish that someone would have bought out the downtown location. It was very convenient. As far as former California Fitness members they want to apply prepaid yearly dues to their monthly rate, which is a very poor bargain.



    cc said:
    I really wish that someone would have bought out the downtown location.

    I’m thinking that is still a possibility, hopefully it happens, I would love to roll my old rate with a new gym there.



    From my understanding Lifetime bought the client database and is not planning to take over the downtown branch. After the 30th any still existing Lifestyle memberships that have not migrated will be canceled. The legacy california fitness memberships are being orphaned regardless (from what Lifetime told me today).

    Basically old Califit members have to start over.



    I get that. i’m saying that i don’t care who operates the gym, as long as it is close to me and affordable. like if some guy buys the gym and offers previous members their old rates to fill it fast. i could use my bank statement as proof or something like that. just wishful thinking.



    Got it, just putting out the info I have as sometimes these places string you along. I am prepaid for another year (2012) with LFF and they eventually told me I have to mail in a cancellation letter by the 30th if I hope to see any refund. If I don’t they said they will keep my money even though 2012 hasn’t started yet.



    i also had the calfit legacy membership (i paid $24/month), but i canceled my membership on monday because of the closure of the downtown location. i actually canceled via e-mail, and it was very easy. i am sad that this location will be closing because it was definitely one of the most affordable gyms downtown.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Here’s 10 other Downtown gyms if anyone is looking for options:

    Lifestyle Family Fitness Closes Downtown Gym



    My name is Constance and for anyone looking for a downtown gym, Beyond Limits is happy to accommodate you with free adjacent parking, 24 hour key card access, real gym environment, showers, group classes, and elite personal training. Come check us out on E.Long, we are running membership deals through the end of the year, and you won’t have to go all the way to Easton to get a workout. We are a 10 min walk from the old LFF.


    Constance, what are the specials? I am interested in a new gym but not looking to drive 10 miles out of downtown to workout..nor pay 50+ a month.




    Capitol Fitness to Open 24-Hour Downtown Gym
    Published on November 26, 2012 3:10 pm
    By: Walker

    New Years Day is still over a month away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about making some resolutions. Capitol Fitness would like to help you out with your fitness goals in 2013, as they plan to open a new 24-hour gym in Downtown Columbus in March of next year.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/capitol-fitness-to-open-24-hour-downtown-gym

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)

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