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Letter to Gov. John Kasich about the Arnold and steroid crisis in Central Ohio

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    As the Arnold Fit Expo weekend approaches, Columbus once again shows why it is the steroid capital of the United States.

    When the mayor of Columbus Michael B. Coleman and Ohio governor John Kasich stand shoulder to shoulder with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man New Yorker Magazine described as the “World’s most famous steroid user,” it gives very little hope that the steroid crisis in Central Ohio will get any better.

    They were there to honor Schwarzenegger, a man who, over the has helped turn countless thousands of young people into intravenous drug users, many have gone on to full blown addiction and death.
    The Arnold strength events in the last five years have seen one champion die and two others on dialysis for kidney failure.

    No wonder he loved the role of “Terminator.”

    In the last two years, The Arnold was condemned by the State of Pennsylvania and is being singled out in New Jersey in a similar resolution for rampant drug use and the fatality rate.

    New Media Group, the company that bought the Columbus Dispatch, was recently asked if the newspaper was going to continue to sponsor the Arnold, which in the past was a conflict of interest in reporting steroid use and health issues and fatalities (the 2012 Arnold Strongman Champion Mike Jenkins died suddenly on Thanksgiving day 2013 – his death certificate stated the cause of death was steroid poisoning). The 31-year old Mr. Jenkins was an NCAA National champion in football and was a three-time “World’s Strongest Man” finalist before his death.
    Mr. Jenkins is believed to be the first athlete to have steroid poisoning. Big story right?

    No coverage from the Associated Press or the Dispatch. IMG the company that owns “World’s Strongest Man” is a business partner with the Associated Press. That relationship, we have been told, is illegal.

    Please read below the letter I sent a few weeks ago to Governor Kasich about ending his relationship with Schwarzenegger and deal with the steroid problem that has taken over Ohio.

    To: Ohio Governor John Kasich
    From: Al Thompson – Founder of POYS Non profit (Protect Our Youth from Steroids)
    Date: February 6, 2016
    Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pro steroids policies at his Fit Expos and qualifiers

    Dear Governor,

    I am writing you to respectfully ask you to end your relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately and direct your attention to the rampant steroid use at its strongman show and other events that go untested year after year and have had a horrible effect on the youth of your state and the country.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger along with “World’s Strongest Man” – owned by IMG Worldwide – have been unapologetically responsible for spread of steroid use in this country to a level described by members of the medical community I have spoken to be at the “crisis” level.

    In March 2014, the Arnold and IMG were rebuked by the State of Pennsylvania in a formal resolution for their lack of drug testing, rampant steroid use and high fatality rate. New Jersey has already started the same process.

    Governor, you have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who has influenced multiple generations, through his personal life, his events and their qualifiers, thousands and thousands of young people, mostly male, into the deadly world intravenous drug use.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s events and subsequent qualifiers have spawned hundreds of competitions nationwide where anything goes with regards to drugs.

    These events serve a trade shows for introducing young people to steroids. Many elected officials and law enforcement people I have spoken to believe Arnold Schwarzenegger’s organization and IMG may be involved with some pharmaceutical companies that produce performance enhancing drugs.

    We need elected officials like yourself to introduce legislation requiring an audit of pharmaceutical companies that produce these drugs to see how much is produced and track distribution.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, IMG and America’s Strongest Man are singled out in PA Resolution 626 for their lack of drug testing and well document rampant steroid use.

    The Arnold Strongman Classic and “World’s Strongest Man” are the two “Grand Slam” events for strongman worldwide.

    IMG’s “World’s Strongest Man,” is a drug-infested made-for-TV strength competition IMG has owned for over 30 years that, along with “the Arnold” has played a part in the of deaths of at least nine serious American strongman competitors including Pennsylvania resident and former NCAA football player Mike Jenkins who died on Thanksgiving Day 2013 of a massive heart attack in front of his wife at the age of 31.

    Mr. Jenkins, a former college offensive lineman (at 285 pounds), won the 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic in Ohio and was a three-time “World’s Strongest Man” finalist (at over 400 pounds).

    Mr. Jenkins, who helped James Madison University win the 2005 National Football Championship, is believed to be the first athlete to have steroid poisoning as the cause of death listed on his death certificate. Of the dead, several are former NCAA college football players.


    Mr. Jenkins’ death was not reported on the wire, we believe, because IMG and the Associated Press are business partners (listed on the IMG website and reluctantly confirmed by AP New York’s Media relations). It is a relationship we intend to challenge in court through a new non-profit started in PA called POYS (Protect Our Youth from Steroids).

    The Columbus Dispatch – owned by the Wolfe Family at the time – along with other media outlets owned by the Wolfe Family Enterprise also failed to report Jenkins death and the official cause of his death because the Dispatch was and continues to sponsor “The Arnold,” a massive conflict of interest that is unchecked because of an outdated and hurtful piece of legislation that should have been repealed years ago.

    I believe Wolfe Family employee Paul Aker was fired after he started to connect the dots with regards to Central Ohio’s crisis level of steroid use and the Arnold.

    Westside Barbell has been part of the Arnold for years. Paul and I had spoken about a piece connecting the Arnold to the steroid problem in your backyard…but Paul was fired before he could get it done.


    The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society (PATS) endorsed Resolution 626 (over 3,000 trainers).

    New Jersey State Assemblymen Robert Auth (Montvale), Daniel Benson (Trenton) and Joe Danielsen (Somerset) are not only introducing a similar resolution in New Jersey but are working to put together legal policies for sanctions against any individual, company, agency or institution that receives any state funding that does business with any individual or organization that holds significant athletic competitions that does not test for PEDS or has a policy that glorifies and/or promotes steroid use.

    Rutgers University has already been sent a letter from these elected officials notifying the state-funded institution that “The Arnold” and IMG have been singled out because of their lack of testing for PEDs. The letter is attached.

    According to its own media kit “World’s Strongest Man” reaches over 600 million television sets worldwide each year. The show was dropped ESPN in the spring of 2013 because of the lack of drug testing, rampant steroid use and the high fatality rate. It currently airs on CBS Sports Network. This year, the one-hour final was aired on CBS television.

    Qualifiers for the “World’s Strongest Man,” “The Arnold” and “America’s Strongest Man” number in hundreds here in the United States and serve basically as trade shows to introduce young people to steroids.

    Forbes Magazine covered the passing of Resolution of 626 in PA. I have provided links to that article and other publicity this effort has received.

    I have founded the Pennsylvania-based non-profit POYS (Protect Our Youth from Steroids) and we plan to challenge IMG and the other individuals and companies that promote the use of PEDs and threatened the well being of the youth of this country. IMG is at the top of the list for that threat.

    Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Vereb with offices in Harrisburg and Collegeville has taken over where Representative Joe Hackett – the original sponsor of Resolution 626 – left off a few months ago. He is in the process of putting together a wider version of Representative Hackett’s resolution and the possibilities of legal action New Jersey is working on . His staff invites you to contact him to confirm what I have said in this letter. Hackett retired from public office to return to law enforcement.

    Governor, please be aware we are sending this information to all elected officials not only running for President of the United States but to officials everywhere.

    Thank you for your time and courtesy with this matter.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Al Thompson
    Founder – POYS non-profit

    Here is a portion of Representative Joe Hackett’s press conference the day the resolution passed in March 2014.

    Here is a link to the actual resolution:

    http://www.legis.state.pa.us/WU01/LI/CSM/2013/0/13792_4538.pdf ;

    Forbes Magazine’s website covered the Resolution’s process but was interested in the World’s Strongest Man since it was owned by IMG Worldwide. Like I said earlier, WSM was dropped by ESPN after 21 years.


    Here are links to other press articles about Resolution 626:






    Below are links to a TV show that aired in May 2014 in Pennsylvania that I along with Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society (PATS) president John Moyer and drug free strongman advocate Lou Costa appeared on. PATS officially endorsed the resolution. PATS represents over 3000 certified trainers state-wide.

    Part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KySz20ZTqQ&feature=youtu.be
    Part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z121bYnK640&feature=youtu.be
    Part three: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu12GUtNJpw&feature=youtu.be
    Part four of four: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGsg5IzxP3I&feature=youtu.be

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