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Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio - News & Discussion

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Snarf wrote:</div>
    In a state where backwards asshats vote to defund planned parenthood, weed is never going to be voted legal.

    The Ohio senate voted in favor. Neither house, or governor or voters have weighed in on the defunding. I don’t think the weed vote has anything to do with it. As stated above a group of dummies tried to hijack the issue….and lost. The article from the free press is stupid and embarrassing. Yes I’m sure the pot issue is where the bad people went all in on vote rigging. I smoke more than all of you combined probably and I can see the BS in claiming vote rigging !

    Dope… Correction The house had voted on it and passed.



    Great read here http://www.eldailypost.com/news/2015/11/marijuana-regulation-there-are-many-options/

    Also go to the link in it for Vox
    Article about Ohio

Viewing 2 posts - 301 through 302 (of 302 total)

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