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The Dennison (Formerly The Leafy Dale) in Victorian Village

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    Does anyone know anything about what is going on with this building? I see construction but know nothing about whether they will eventually be rental or sale places.



    There’s a bunch of existing threads about it, just search Leafydale. Pics and everything if I remember correctly.


    I didn’t see anything recent. hmmm. ok. i will search away



    ilovethiscity wrote I didn’t see anything recent. hmmm. ok. i will search away

    Oh sorry, I read it like you didn’t know anything about it as opposed to wanting an update. Muh bad :oops:


    I stopped by and spoke with a few construction workers. They stated a new owner is slated to offer these up as condos. Make this the second developer to have contact information for me and not return a phone call. Sigh. People are stupid


    CDS sherman

    well thats common for developers to not want to talk to people. and i can understand wanting some discretion on who they talk to about there projects. you never know, it could end up on the internet. :shock: i serve on on a few commissions and we are asked all the time to not discuss any information on projects with the public. its common practice.



    Some are already sold I was told

    Units will be larger than first developer had and the outside of the building had the trees dug out (the shade is missed but the trees were so hacked to death that they needed to come down_

    Also, the exterior sides and back of the building are in the process of being painted. The natural sand colored brick facade will be cleaned up and left untouched.



    It looks nice. Urban Order did the floorplans.

    The paint colors they chose look fresh and classy. The paint has only been applied to the sides and back of the four story building.

    The property next door is for sale for $750,000 I was told. This piece of property separates Leafy Dale from a really cool Victorian that sits on the opposite corner of the Circus House. A new carriage house was built on the rear of this house and also designed by Urban Order.

    The facade of Leafy Dale concerns me. It is in need of some repairs and looks very tired in comparison with the newly painted sides. I was told the Victorian Village commission has not yet allowed changes to be made to the front of the building. Upon close inspection I feel this is a mistake – but the front garden level unit is really grand. The terrazzo floor is so nice

    Also the rear alley area construction needs some attention.

    Little information is available as of yet. Units starting at $124,900



    Does anyone know what’s going on with the building? Based on the boards in the windows I’m wondering if there was a fire?



    Rumor has it the Wood Company is now the owner of it.

    There was a group of folks who tried some really nice nondestructive paste-up artwork on those boards during Comfest, and it was unceremoniously ripped down. Matisse looked WAY better than the plywood, lemme tell you.

    My first apartment when I moved to Columbus was what I believe was the largest in the building (second floor front south side). I also showed apartments for the landlord during that time (really late 90s) so I got a chance to see the insides of many of the units. The building is gorgeous, and it’s a HUGE shame it’s sat empty this long.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    pixiecrinkle said:
    Rumor has it the Wood Company is now the owner of it.

    True! I spoke with Mark Wood about it today. Will have some more updates and information in early January. ;)



    My buddy lives close to their and said that people have been saying it might be haunted. Anyone else hear that? It looks kind of creepy at night.



    what building it this?



    About 5 yrs ago, Leafy Dale was bought by a guy or group that attempted to convert it into condos. The did the legal work needed for the conversion. The county now recognizes this build as “condoed”. Then they started on the physical process of making the units marketable as condos. They gutted much of the building (e.g. tore out mucho plastered walls & ceilings) and installed a huge new electric service on the rear,and probably new mechnical inside. They also took out the old boiler from the basement (I got to watch all of these activities first-hand). They even started to market the condos.

    Then the real-estate bust hit and the they lost the building. Wood Company recently purchased it at Sheriff Sale, paying about $650K for it (great price).

    Once the physical renovation by Wood, I presume they will either proceed to market it as condos (that may depend if a bank will back the financing… hard to finanace condo projects these days but the great location here might allow for that). Alternatively, they might just market these units are rentals, at least for the time being.

    It’s great to see that this project will finally reach completion, in the able hands of the Wood Co. My only concern is… PARKING!!! There are about 40 units in this building. Once occupied, somewhere around 40-60 new cars will appear on the block and vicinity.

    Not even considering Basi’s parking impact, this area of Victorian Village is already parked up by existing residents. I have no idea where all these new cars are going to end up. Simliar to the new High Street Kroger, I think Casto, who ownes the Giant Eagle/Thurber Village center, ought to think about moving/rebuilding the retail strip center and supermarket right up on the Neil Ave sidewalk and build a mutli-story garage behind the retail. They could use part of that garage parking for customers at the center and lease part to neighborhood residents.

    I don’t see how 40-60 new cars will fit on the block that the Leafy Dale is located… not even 30 new cars will fit there, or anywhere near there.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Leafy Dale Adds New Apartments to Victorian Village
    By: Walker

    The Wood Companies are already busy with construction on High Street with their apartment building development over top of Northstar Cafe, but that’s not stopping them from already moving on to their next big project: The Leafy Dale.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/leafy-dale-adds-new-apartments-to-victorian-village

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