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Laura Sander's One Lady Comedy Show

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    Hi All,

    Laura Sanders is one of the most pre-eminent female comedians in Columbus. She is classy, smart, and naturally funny. The show will focus on both her personal story, and the story of how one goes about becoming a comedian in Columbus. It will be a great show for anyone who has been curious about checking out Columbus’s rising comedy scene, or anyone who just enjoys really really funny comedy.

    Please check it out. Laura is Columbus’s top comic. Show is 1.5 hours with a 10 minute intermission. Cost is $5.

    Thanks, Zack


    It was brought to my attention that occasionally between 3 – 6 am in the morning the server for my site often seems to be down. If the link above isn’t working, here are the details on the Facebook Page.

    Otherwise, the show is this Thursday, 10pm, at Kafe Kerouac. And here is a picture to hopefully entice some of you to come (made by none other than the comedian herself).



    Sorry to start a new account, Walker, but the old one seemed to be busted; I would have tried to fix it, but I’m running late. I am about to get in my truck and drive at neck-breaking speed back to Columbus primarily to see this show. Laura Sanders is the most talented person I know personally, and as much effort as she has put into her One Lady Show, I know it’s going to be a gas of near biblical proportion. If you haven’t had the opportunity of catching Sanders’ stand-up act, this is that much better an introduction! She’s Columbus’s sweetheart, and she left me standing in ankle-deep water in Baton Rouge just to get back to you people, so show your appreciation and go check out one of the best local shows of the year. I’m driving 18 hours! You guys go ride your bicycles on over. It’ll be a blast.






    Don’t forget the ring!


    I was logging on here to give this one more good push and really implore people to come out and see Laura. I got a preview today, and it’s really going to be something special. But I don’t think I can top David Lewis making a new account to come back on here and endorse the show, so I’ll leave it at that.



    Laura is pretty hilarious!!


    she sounds amazing! go see it!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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