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Last Movie You Watched

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    watched a flick called let me inlast night

    swedish vampire flick with a crazy twist

    heck of a movie


    Mister Shifter

    “Let Me In’ is the American remake of the Swedish film “Let The Right One In’.

    If you liked it you should watch the original. It’s even better.



    Of course with Friday the 13th and all I made this weekend about scary movies. So I watched this one called Shrooms (2007) and
    So silly but good it is definitely a cautionary tale (Do not go tripping in the woods or have sex or you die.)
    If you want to kill some time, it will work.




    DocMedPot said:
    Again the 3D movies pretty much leave me unthrilled. As someone that wears glasses,putting on another pair of ill-fitted 3D glasses over them ruins it for me and often takes me out of my “movie place”. Last 3D flick I saw was the latest Ghost Rider crap that the major 3D effect was repeated “Lens Flare” through the movie. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay for my tix on this cinematic disaster.
    Until they come out with glassless 3D I won’t waste my movie dollars on this new-tech reboot of the 50’s 3D fad. The line-up of summer flicks has me happy though.
    “♫There’s No Room in his heart for you ‘cus Doc Loves Movies!♫”

    I’m not a fan of 3D just because I think it takes away from the film. Case in point, I’ve seen the avengers with and without 3D. 3D tends to detract for all that is going on, makes really busy scenes appear fake as the 3D focuses on 1 element and blurs everything in the background.

    3D hype bubble

    Last movie I saw in the theater was TED (funny), and at home it was Final Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer (bleh).


    We Need to Talk About Kevin.


    Pretty distrubing and totally reinforced our decision to not have kids :D

    Tilda Swinson’s performance was riveting.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Anne & I just watched Melancholia over the past two days. A good film, but fairly taxing to watch. Slow and depressing, which is what its supposed to be…



    I watched La Haine again last night. Very good but intense.



    “New Year’s Eve” – it was fantastically terrible. It had nearly everyone in it, including some heavy hitters, and was remarkably bad anyway.



    Twixlen said:
    “New Year’s Eve” – it was fantastically terrible. It had nearly everyone in it, including some heavy hitters, and was remarkably bad anyway.



    i watched this a couple nights ago,was not bad



    Horror Express, last Friday night with Fritz the Nite Owl at Studio 35.



    High Society at the Ohio Theater, CAPA Summer Movie series. Yesterday, the same day that Celeste Holm died… kinda spooky, in a totally coincidental sort of way.



    SusanB said:

    On cable last night. Pretty good.

    Watched this over the weekend. Very fun. Not pretentious. And I hear it’s based on a true story.



    Guy’s Recently i have seen The Amazing Spider man. Its really nice movie. I think you should have to watch it once…..

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    Wow. The spam is getting smarter. I wonder if this is how our digital overlords are going to be created?

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 143 total)

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