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La Bamba Closed - Qdoba Opens In Their Place

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    Number 1 Chinese, La Bamba, and Pizza by the Slice (the new name for Fly Pie) are all on heavy rotation of my workday lunch spots. Or, were, in the case of La Bamba…

    I know Number 1 is supposed to be terrible, but I’ve never had a bad experience with their food or their service and I’ve been eating there regularly for a decade.



    jennybell said:
    I stopped at La Bamba last night to get a quesadilla, and the back door was locked. I walked around front to find the place empty and sign gone.

    A trio of High Street streetpeople (not “high” streetpeople) were out front, and they let me know that the place’s last day was Sunday. I was told that the Chicago-based owners shut down all locations.

    This makes me sad….many a night was saved by La Bamba.

    I asked about the people that worked there… what happened to them? One of the guys told me he is friends with one of the guys, and he had gone to file for unemployment.

    Anyone have any insight on what happened? I cannot believe I’ll never have the hot sauce ever again.



    I have some fond memories of that place. Haven’t been there in years, but I am sad to hear that it is gone.



    You have to be fucking crazy to eat at #1 Chinese.

    So this is a couple years back, but a bunch of us go there for lunch. Eating my General Tso’s and lo, with a graceful arc and a valiant backflip, a cockroach jumps from the wall, to my meal. Not afraid of the light, the sound or the people.

    Fuck that noise.

    La Bambas was great as a food truck harbinger. 0Angle, Junior’s is open till 11pm, and blah blah supporting local community etc etc plus food that’s a million times better.



    i believe the guy that runs #1 chinese used to run great wall years ago

    i went in there once,and he had a tub of raw chicken on the table being turned into fly food.


    When I was a freshman (97-98) we ate takeout from #1’s all the time. The lunch deal was a huge amount of food for 5 bucks or something like that. It was our go to when gumby’s pizza was just going to take to long.

    La bamba on the other hand was a special treat.



    That’s a shame, I’d been going there since high school and I’m 33. Back when I was 18-19, a friend of mine and I would stop at La Bamba before going to the movies and sneak in giant burritos into the theatre.

    At least Blue Nile is still around.


    Bummer. I really liked their burritos- great re-fried beans, you can’t get those everywhere. Nor the fresh sliced avocado and verde sauce……



    Weird, I was just thinking about La Bamba the other day and considered going there to get a 3 tacos meal with chorizo. I can’t say how many times I went there as a student 1995-99, both sober and other times not so much. It’s true their food (which was pretty authentic if I remember correctly) is much easier to find now than a decade or more ago. Sad day though.


    Alex Silbajoris

    The last time I was there was 1996 or so. I’m on a chileheads mailing list, and another member works in the physics department at OSU. We linked up and went to La Bamba, and the food was good, but to top it off he brought a bottle of fresh home-made habanero sauce.



    Don’t think that Pizza By The Slice is anything close to what it was when Joe & Sal ran it. It’s garbage now, absolute garbage.



    I will miss La Bamba’s 8lb steak quesadilla and the cashier who laughed at my uncle in the mid-90’s because he did not want any salsa.



    Don’t go to campus much, but are these pretty much still the campus icons or are there any new shining stars in the La Bamba vein on the rise? Thinking about heading up there for a nostaglia tour and wouldn’t mind trying whatever is the popular place nowadays.



    There’s basically nothing left, especially in the food department save for Apollo’s redux (gross), No. 1, Joy’s Village, Grinders… you get my point.

    Rising stars? I’ve been to Gooyez probably 4 times since they opened and have always enjoyed my food and dining experience. Heirloom Cafe in the Wexner Center is excellent, but probably not a part of your criteria for the High St experience. The two stars of Campus, in my opinion, are Diaspora and Commonwealth (if you call that campus).

    Now that we’ve officially derailed this thread, it’s time to reminisce. If I could play some games at Pink Flamingo, grab an amazing steamed bagel sandwich from Beekman’s, and go chill in the grime of Insomnia– I’d be thrilled to death and would spend a lot of time down there. As it is, now that I’m graduated, I’ll never go down there.



    ^Mad Mex has a pretty good beer selection.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 54 total)

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