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Secret Car Compartment Law

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    jimbach said:
    “Josh, in a free society you don’t need a good reason to make something legal, you need a good reason to make it illegal.” – Donna Moss (The West Wing)




    rus said:

    yes. this is a stupid law and the gun amendment makes it even dumber.



    Oh dear, if autos can’t have “secret” compartments, why not ban houses with “secret” rooms! We might also ban the old root cellar and storm shelter because people might misuse them. I think both liberals and conservatives can agree that this legislation is probably unconstitutional and, if the law is enacted, creates a dangerous precedent.



    James Bond would be looking at serious time under this law


    It is amazing the country existed as long as it did without these moronic people passing their dumb laws. Yesterday, I read an article on this law, then an article on NY Mayor wanting a law that forces apt. buildings to state whether they allow smoking, and an article that all new cars will be forced to be equipped with black boxes shortly. Regulation at all levels being passed so fast no one can keep up.



    Ohio House OKs Ban On Hidden Car Compartments
    By: Assocaited Press | NBC4
    Published: June 12, 2012

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A bill banning hidden compartments in vehicles in an effort to reduce drug trafficking has cleared a second legislative chamber. The measure cleared the Ohio House 77-16 Tuesday. The Senate planned to agree to House changes, sending the measure to Republican Gov. John Kasich.

    READ MORE: http://www2.ohio-votes.com/news/2012/jun/12/ohio-house-oks-ban-hidden-car-compartments-ar-1068626/



    joev said:
    Can anyone think of a reasonable circumstance that makes a having a hidden car compartment necessary?

    A spare tire and jack.



    When going to a park, pool, sporting event, festival, traveling for work, or vacationing there many people that feel a locked compartment in a locked car is a safe place to safe keep your GPS, Jewery, Wallet, IPod, Phone, Cash, Laptop, etc.

    It’s even safer if the compartment is out of site and hidden. Face it, everyone knows about glove boxes and consols.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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