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Jury Room to start bicycle delivery tomorrow!

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    Elizabeth Lessner

    The Jury Room will begin bicycle delivery service from 11am-6pm M-F. Save gas and meter fees and eat a delicious lunch that’s delivered right to your home or office.

    If lunch service goes well, we’ll look to expand our delivery to nights and weekends as well. There will be a $2 delivery charge and you are welcomed and encouraged to tip your bicycle server.

    Our bicycle couriers from CS Courier will deliver north to 5th Avenue, south to Greenlawn, east to Taylor Avenue (OSU Hospital) and west to Franklinton Development Association (Jones).



    We appreciate your western border. ;)



    Wish other places did this! Thanks Liz!



    aww man! can you make it north to 6th?? please?? pretty pleeaaasse??? :)
    I wish more places did this as well!



    I’m pretty excited about this. Pretty damn excited.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    beersie1, if you tip your driver, I know they’d deliver to 6th for ya. Ian is a great guy. ;)

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Very cool! Glad to see this stretches to the Near East Side. ;) Our delivery options over here are really limited.

    Also, very cool to see the partnership with CS Courier!


    Bike Courier Business Adds Recycling, Food Delivery to Diversify Environmentally Friendly Services
    Business Profiles — By Walker Evans on March 10, 2011

    Ian Dowden launched his own bike courier service just a few years ago, and is shifting his business focus to adapt to a changing market. In addition to the delivery of legal document, architectural plans and other sensitive paperwork, his company, C.S. Courier, now delivers lunch to downtown workers and picks up recycling from downtown residents.




    It looks like CS Courier will deliver from any restaurant!

    Didn’t know about this:

    Thanks Walker! This will come in handy as it gets colder.

    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    Can anyone please tell me how or why we’ve allowed this Liz character—this socialist hippie—to infiltrate our business community ?

    Whether we’re in Columbus—which is proudly named after an imperialist hero—or in some other city, we in the business community should strive to be like those who seek ever increasing enormous profits, at the expense of all else. That’s a matter of capitalist courage, not that soft-headed, warm and fuzzy do-goody-good bullshit Lessner seems to embrace. It’s rumored she even gives her employees health insurance. When will this madness stop ?

    I do most of my work from a corner office in a downtown high rise. Sometimes I take the elevator up, and sometimes—for added inspiration—-I get into the building through a window by ascending the pile of dead bodies of my competitors and their loved ones. I love the smell of victory in the morning.

    Sometimes I’m too busy looking down on the rest of the city to go out and get lunch. But when that happens, I don’t want it brought to me by some granola cruncher on a bike who probably fantasizes about everyone going back to the Stone Ages— except maybe for a few of his bike buddies and him cycling around the ruins of modern civilization with the two-wheeled toys they should have outgrown as teenagers.

    They’d like to turn our whole world into a dumpster-diver utopia, after the rest of us are gone. Therefore, these granola commies would like to see the world with a lot less people. That’s why we should see a guy on a bike for what he really is : a fag pride parade in disguise. What better way to reduce the population than to stop reproducing?

    It’s usually one guy by himself on a bike. He’s not only slowing down traffic for people in cars and trucks trying to get to work to feed their families. But a guy on a bike is also mocking our family values and threatening the human reproduction upon which our future depends.

    Not only this, but consider what all that bike riding does to a man’s reproductive organs, and you’ll begin to recognize the menace that occurs when the socialist mayor Michael Coleman cheerleads the bicyclist agenda for taking over America.

    You don’t see many women cyclists, but you can bet the ones that you do notice have a similar disregard for people trying to drive to work to feed their families as well as a callous disregard for how their childish, two-wheeled obsession causes them to shirk the reproductive duties upon which the survival of the human race depends. All that time on that bike seat. Think about it.

    So, when one of my subordinates brings me carry-out for lunch, my factory-farmed meat, eggs, and cheese somehow tastes better if I know it was delivered via a vehicle that burns petroleum and pollutes the air. For me, it’s all about consistency.

    I love the smell of auto exhaust in the morning during rush hour. Breathing in that blue mist is a nice touch at night too, whether it’s a commute or a romantic walk during Gallery Hop. That scratchiness in our throats…that’s progress.

    How’s that as a judgment on the Jury Room’s insidious, ungodly, and un-American agenda ? What’s next for this Liz character, hemp milk with happy hour cocktails ?





    TomOver said:

    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    rus said:

    One of these days my fan club will expand beyond Rus and Snarf. But thanks for the illustration. With a nose like that, who needs a penis ? That facial configuration would predispose me for great success as a cunnilinguist.


    Alex Silbajoris

    Tom, I suggest switching to decaf.



    Tom, I know you have a twisty sense of humor and appreciate it in measure, but your monomania sometimes kicks a little into overdrive.

    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    catnfiddle said:
    Tom, I know you have a twisty sense of humor and appreciate it in measure, but your monomania sometimes kicks a little into overdrive.

    I want to be clear on how you are using the term ‘monomania.’ If it’s as defined below, please say what one idea or one object I seem to be focusing on. Judging from some of the other posters’ comments, my guess would be the one object you are referring to is myself.

    If so, I may be wise to take heed, so as to improve my communication skills. But, at the same time—ironically—those who seem unwilling to engage my actual ideas, often seem to do so by focusing on me, in order to change the subject. Maybe some folk here focus on me because they don’t want to do the work of defending their own ideas. But that’s ok. I can still learn from them, humbly and respectfully.

    Perhaps if some of the users of this forum set aside THEIR ad hominem focus on me, they’d notice I’ve posted on a wide variety of topics.

    Definition of MONOMANIA. 1: mental illness especially when limited in expression to one idea or area of thought . 2: excessive concentration on a single object or idea

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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