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    It never pays for a restaurant to give much notice before closing, for the very reason that everyone who has/had a favorite dish/drink/whatever will rush in for the last couple of nights. That’s a problem, because a place that’s closing is trying to empty out their stores of food, not have to make one last, large order that may or may not get used. It’s also intensely difficult to staff those things, and food almost always starts running out, which causes folks to post complaints about how the food ran out on the last night.

    So yeah, it’s a no-win. Closing quietly, with little fuss, is the much easier business decision.

    Well I’d have to slightly disagree with you in the sense that a new owner is planning on keeping the restaurant open. That may seem like a way to at least bow out in the good graces of our potential future clients, and give the new owner a nice transition. Instead you’ve got a handful of loyal customers (probably the only ones who were keeping this place open) now questioning that loyalty. Gonna be a tough road for the new owners, no thanks to Lessner & Co.



    What I have seen in this corresponding thread on facebook is not anonymous. There’s smoke.



    PS – let me know when any of y’all have opened and closed a restaurant. Much less opened 7, eventually selling one, and closing another.

    We get it, she’s infallible ;)

    If she is actually doing the things Ken and others are claiming then that’s pretty stink’n shady no matter how many restaurants you open up. I’d be saying the same if it was Cameron Mitchell.


    What I have seen in this corresponding thread on facebook is not anonymous. There’s smoke.

    Can you elaborate re: Facebook?




    Well, I mean, obviously people who post anonymously to the internet never tell stories, or lie, or have bones to pick, or agendas! In fact, everyone knows the best investigative journalist sources are found by fresh-sign-ups on threads!

    See above for FB links…

    And this person, a Jury Room staff member for awhile, openly said to go ahead and read her comments on her own page.
    Been waited on by her multiple times with no issues, so I’m going to go ahead and call her a valid internal source.



    I’ve been waited on a number of times by Laura as well at the Jury Room, and if what she’s saying is indeed the case, then that sucks, massively. If the Jury Room was having such problems keeping it together, then perhaps it should have been shuttered earlier, instead of continuing to trying to make it work. Hindsight is always better, right?

    But, I go back to no one really knowing the whole of the story. There’s always more to it, and I know that is the case here. I also know that the vast majority of folks have no idea about the restaurant business, and what & how they function as businesses.

    Of course, it’s always more fun to vilify a person who has some good community standing, particularly one who is as public a person as Liz is. It’s also easier, and more comfortable for people to have pat, internet-thread answers, because the truths are always complicated and hard.



    Not vilifying anyone. Would like to see the staff get paid, and for this situation to get resolved. It sucks closing a business, but it’s not cool when your front line employees take a huge hit as well.



    I don’t see it as vilifying anyone either. Bottom line, of late, a lot of her spots have been having some issues. Betty’s closed, but with big fan fare that a new Betty’s would be open soon. Then it turns out that wasn’t going to happen. And yet, Betty’s web site is still up and chugging along like you could still stop in tonight. Now, suddenly, Jury Room closes, and there are reports of people not getting paid. And yet, the Jury Room’s website is still chugging along as if nothing happened. Good for people who don’t know better to show up at a closed restaurant they saw recommended on the web. Now, she’s leaving town.

    Individually, it may not be a biggie. But, all together, it looks odd, regardless of what anyone has done in the past. It’s a strange way to run any enterprise, even one you’re shutting down. No vilification necessary.



    I appreciate you trying to stand up for Liz but just because someone has had successful business and has done some good does not mean that there are no red flags or that the red flags should be ignored. I don’t think people are trying to vilify her. People are trying to identify motives and are looking for answers in such a bold and odd move. She’s being awfully quiet for someone who sounds off over a lot of things, good and bad, adding to the mystery.


    To be fair, she is offering to speak with people privately.

    Not the same level at which she has spoken about other matters, of course, but she’s not in hiding either.



    The reality is – it’s not anyone’s business. All kinds of businesses open and close and the motive behind those things make for good stories, and dinner conversation, but the owners of those business don’t owe the public anything. They owe their employees whatever it is they’re owed financially, and to help them as much as possible with getting a new gig, but that’s it. Nothing is ever all bad or all good – as I said, most people don’t even want to hear the truth, because it’s never as sexy as what gets made up.

    The word vilify seems to have struck a chord – though there are certainly some voices in this thread on that level. Others just slide under insinuations and sly language. Others are just curious. Again, no one deserves some big long explanation, because they had chicken Parmesan a couple times. Even if they had it weekly. You paid for a service which you received.

    It’s the same mentality of wanting to know a celebrity’s dirty deeds, because people love failure.

    As for moving to California, shoot. I wish I could go work with farmers in California. Lives change. People that get the chance to do new things should jump on them with both feet.


    While I think you make excellent points, Twixlen, and while I generally agree wholeheartedly, I think it’s reasonable to expect more transparency given that Liz Lessner is far more than a restaurateur in this community; she is very much a public figure, and she herself has sought transparency from others when situations have necessitated it.

    She has a history of being transparent with her own businesses, and how she has operated, and of sharing her frustrations with landlords and with the city and with developers and so on and so forth, all of which has given her a voice in the community. So for her to leave, all of the rumors/accusations/reports notwithstanding, will leave a void because that strong voice of hers–whether you liked what she had to say or not–will be around a lot less. (I for one will miss it. But I digress.)

    She doesn’t owe anyone in the public an explanation, no doubt. But I do think, given her role in the community, the above at least partially explains the expectation or hope from many that she will not leave so quietly into the good night.



    True, it is not any of our business. Except when there’s a fluff piece on the Dispatch today that tells only part of the story. True, we’re not going to know the whole story. Both sides deserve respect. Laura always treated us well, even more so when I had my autistic son with us. The staff at the Jury Room were always decent and kind. They should be treated with some fairness as well. There is no way I want to see any of the CFL businesses fail, and take no pleasure in it.

    Yes MichaelC, “she herself has sought transparency from others when situations have necessitated it.”



    I know a couple of vendors that did not want to work with CFL for reasons mentioned above. She is one of the classic “I’m going to buy local” but still continues to go through a company like GFS(Michigan) or Sysco(Texas). Don’t really want to get into details because I don’t want to get friends in trouble but there has been plenty of smoke around her establishments for a year or two now that I know of and it hasn’t been good. They aren’t nearly as respected as they once were in this city.

    But before I cast and further ‘stones’ people do need to realize just how difficult the restaurant business is from an owners standpoint. You really have to be thinking months/years ahead to keep a good thing going, all while managing what is happening currently. That being said I am shocked to see a place like the Jury Room in the state it was in; it’s the last place I thought she would sell.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 188 total)

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