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Johnsons Catering Closed

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    Hearing from a couple folks that Johnsons Catering (the gut trucks) is handing workers there last paycheck as they show up this morning. No notice or warning. Just a check and good luck.

    Anyone else hear this?



    Johnson’s catering closes; 90 lose jobs
    By Jacob Kanclerz
    The Columbus Dispatch
    Saturday July 7, 2012 5:20 AM

    Johnson’s Industrial Caterers, in business since 1925, closed abruptly this week, leaving its 90 employees jobless. The company, 1350 Holly Ave., closed because of declining business due to the economy, said Kurt Hall, company president. He said it closed so quickly because of debts to be paid.

    READ MORE: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2012/07/07/johnsons-catering-closes-90-lose-jobs.html



    Really feel bad for some of these guys. I imagine it is not just the economy but that a lot has changed since 1925. In general I think there are a lot more options available for a quick bite to eat.

    “I think it just hit me today,” he said. “I was kind of numb to it yesterday. … I’m 59, and I’v e got $150 left in the bank.



    back in the late 70’s when i was doing concrete work at the Retreat in Powell,their trucks would come all the way out there.
    crew bosses were glad they did.it kept guys close to the job.



    The declining economy doesn’t make sense if they were primarily a construction-site catering service. There’s more construction going on in Columbus right now than there has been in the last several years. Johnson has one or two trucks at the Casino every single day, throw in OSU Hospital, the countless apartment construction sites, I71-I670, plus several others I”m forgetting and it seems like their business would be booming. Then again, maybe that’s only a facet of what they do, I am just guessing.



    Heads up food truck entrepreneurs for the Johnson’s Catering public auction tomorrow will 10am in Columbus. Up for auction is 23 working food trucks and plenty of scrap trucks for parts, possibly a steal there if you know what you are looking for. Doors open at 8:30.

    1350 Holly Ave
    Columbus 43212
    513-831-4866 auctioneer number

    http://www.auctionzip.com #6832 to view pictures

    ad placed in the classifieds of current issue of Columbus Alive



    The loading dock area on Holly is now fenced off with a “Construction” sign attached. Anyone know what might be going in there?

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