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Jeni's recall

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    So much hate and indifference. When one of you does as much for Columbus as Jeni has, let me know.

    Everyone please submit your credentials to Joev so he can personally decide if your opinion is valid or not.



    The last thing justifying my $10 pint of Jeni’s ice cream was that local people had a hand in making it. Now it’s outsourced. Someone else said this happens all the time in the Beer industry, but I think that happens more with companies like Sam Adams. When Sam Adams comes out of with a ‘craft’ beer, I’m not going to pay $11-$12 for a 6-pack of it. It’s a farce to consider Jeni’s the same company as it was last year. They aren’t Columbus Local anymore. They don’t have a vested stake in their production. Their product isn’t ‘MADE’ by them. It’s ‘DESIGNED’ by them. Take that however you want, but it’s no longer a $10/pint company in my eyes.



    So those fools buying Jeni’s in other markets evidently don’t care about it being non-local? It’s going to have the same ingredients as before, and you damned well have to assume that Jeni’s will definitely be directly involved in how the ice cream is made in the Smith’s facility. I find it hard to argue with the line that Smith’s factory is probably a helluva lot better than the old production factory Jeni’s had been using. Quality control will be key, of course. But I don’t see any reason why they can’t make ice cream just as good as they have previously.

    Re: beer, no, I was talking about contract brewing. August Schell, in Minnesota, has contract brewed beers for Schafly and 3 Floyds (and a lot of small breweries). Similarly, increasingly, top craft breweries are making collaboration beers; where several breweries get together to each pitch in to produce a beer, which might only be produced at one of their breweries. Sam Adams, by the way, operates large breweries in (to the best of my knowledge) Ohio (Cincinnati) and Pennsylvania; they make all of their own stuff.

    Whatever. If making ice cream, using the same products as before in a facility 100 miles away, and where they still prep non-dairy ingredients here, suddenly makes Jeni’s non-local, well, everyone is welcomed to their own opinion. Wayne County, Ohio isn’t a part of any Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area. So I guess that means Jeni’s is homeless.


    I can make Jeni’s ice cream at home taste the same as the store bought via her recipe books, no reason a facility where Jeni has major oversight can’t do the same. This pivot was about survival. It avoids further retraction and if they had a 3rd listeria case, production undoubtedly would have had to be moved anyway, assuming they could actually survive a third hit. A successful business evolves before it’s to late. I’ll continue to judge Jeni’s on the quality of ingredients, how they are procured, the inventive way they are incorporated within the ice cream, and the knowledge and friendliness of their ice cream shop employees.

Viewing 4 posts - 196 through 199 (of 199 total)

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