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Jeffrey Place - News & Updates

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Did not see that, but I have heard from a friend on the IV commission that this project has been making a bit of progress lately thanks to Wagenbrenner.



    Next Italian Village Commission agenda has it on it:

    Southeast Corner – East First Avenue & North Fourth Street (Jeffrey Manufacturing Site)
    Robert Harris (Applicant) Jeffrey New Day, LLC (Owner)
    An application, site plans, floor plans, and renderings have been submitted. This application was conceptually reviewed at the February 21, 2012 IVC hearing and at special meetings on March 13, April 10, and June 12, 2012 as Application # 12-2-5.Following substantial changes to the overall design, the application was assigned a new number, and conceptually reviewed at special meeting on September 11 and October 9, 2012 as Application # 12-9-15.
    New Construction
    • D
    iscuss proposed Phase I Jeffrey Park development for the East First Avenue/North Fourth Street site.

    Jeffrey Park proposed to include total of 334 units, i.e., Apartment Building A (80 units), Apartment Building B (74 units), Walk-up Flats/8 buildings (95 units), Townhome Rental/2 buildings (12 units), Townhomes for Sale (73 units).

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    So is this Phase I all just for the corner of 1st and 4th? If so, this is going to be one huge project.



    If you’ve been to COSI, they have that Street of Progress (or something like that) that lets you walk down a street from the 1890s, and then you fastforward to the same street in the 1950s. I think Jeffrey Place, when its finally finished, will let you do something similar. You can walk from the 1990s to the 2020s by just walking down the street :-)


    Meanwhile, on the NE corner of 1st Ave and 4th St, JDS Company/Cityspace is attempting to buy back the 8 condominiums from the owners who have purchased units in their Jeffrey/Metalworks buildings in an attempt to refinance the loans they took out to refurbish the building in 2007.

    Out of 90-some units placed on the market for sale when the project was finished in 2007 only 8 have been sold, despite JDS/Cityspace continually dropping their asking prices during that time. The rest of the units are in rental contracts.

    As one of the 8 owners, JDS/Cityspace’s initial offer price to buy back my condo was less than stirring. They propose the alternative to all 8 of us NOT selling them back the units is that they will drop the prices on the remaining 90 units to initiate a ‘fire-sale’, thereby washing their hands of the project, and trashing the property value of the units held by the 8 of us.

    When I bought the place in 2007 the prospect of development across the street, which I was assured by their representative was to begin in 2008 (she is no longer with the company), was very exciting and a major selling point. I understand I should not have been so naive, and yes, the recession hurt a lot of folks, so I’ve been waiting for the news that someone is going forward with this project for 5 years now and it’s safe to say that I am guardedly optimistic and excited that it appears progress is finally being made.

    Thanks to those putting up the good info / links to the IVC minutes and please keep it coming!



    Has anyone heared anything new on the proposed apartment developement on E.2nd Ave for the vacant parking lot that’s north of the Jeffrey/Metalworks development? I haven’t been reading the IVC meeting minutes.



    Lots of backhoes and digging going on next door to the State Library, in a lot set back from 4th and 1st. Can’t tell if it’s the start of a foundation, or digging a trench of some sort.



    Moving discussion on the new Jeffrey Park development to new topic:

    Jeffrey Park – News & Updates

Viewing 8 posts - 91 through 98 (of 98 total)

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