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    Ridiculous !

    How many tickets are given to autos that go past the speed limit at the corner of 3rd and Chestnut? Or any of the many highways that pose as city streets in downtown Columbus. If the police are concerned about safety, then they should patrol the hulking speeding machines that cause the damage.



    well according to the ticket numbers cited they’ve actually written more tickets to car drivers for pedestrian related infractions. Issuing 3 times more tickets to car drivers as pedestrians and mostly issuing warnings to walkers.

    so yeah, they’re doing exactly what you say you want.

    The department said Friday it issued 38 tickets to pedestrians at $97 each mostly for jaywalking and another 92 pedestrian warnings.

    The department also issued 131 tickets to drivers at $120 each along with 29 warnings.

    Many drivers were cited for illegal turns downtown at an intersection often crowded with pedestrians.

    (saw these numbers on the tv news, but link is from WFMJ with the same figures)

    I find nothing to be outraged about in this. seriously.



    Pedestrians are not dangerous, cars rambling through downtown at 45 miles an hour are. Cars kill people dead. There should be many multiple times the number of tickets given to cars than pedestrians until cars drive the legal speed limit.

    What is the hurry? Turn the radio on, relax, you will get there.



    There should be many multiple times the number of tickets given to cars than pedestrians

    You mean like 3.4 times? Because that’s the number cited in the pedestrian ‘crackdown’ area. That doesn’t count all the other tickets given to car drivers for unrelated things during the same time. Nor does it count tickets issued to car drivers by other downtown police not involved in this project. Tickets do mostly go to cars.

    The data shows your stated wishes are being granted. I’m not sure why you’re complaining.


Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)

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