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Issue 1 T-shirts?

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    I was wondering if anyone on the board knew of where to go to purchase a T-shirt showing support for Issue 1 (seen below)? I would love to buy one to show my support while walking around town.




    I could make you one for $20 or you could go to Skreened.com and get about the same service!



    I’m thinking about showing my support for the Pepsi Challenge:



    I was thinking abt skreened but i figured if it actually came from the city the money might be used to help the campaign in some way.

    But I would totally give you $20 if you made that pepsi challenge tee for me though.



    you can get Mayor Mike’s shirt for only $29.99!



    @dru – There might be another option to get it. I think if you smoke 12 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes you get it for free.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Wow! I think Mayor Mike’s Eagle Flag shirt might be a close cousin to the Three Wolf Moon Shirt:




    Walker, the flag shirt is clearly more for a man of the people. Don’t you notice the collar and buttons?



    NerosNeptune wrote >>
    Walker, the flag shirt is clearly more for a man of the people. Don’t you notice the collar and buttons?

    Click Walker’s link and read the product comments, that’s where the beauty of the Three Wolf Moon shirt shines.

    Between the shirt and the ‘Other Viewed Item’ comments, prepare to spend hours reading, laughing and accomplishing absolutely nothing.



    I think I wore Mayor Mike’s “America, Fuck Yeah!” shirt as part of a Halloween costume in 2002.


    A. Miller

    Man, and on my website I just get beat on by a bunch of wacko’s (if you’re so inclined check out http://elephantsonbicycles.com/?p=1084) as opposed to a nice convo about t-shirts. Mayor Mike’s shirt in the above picture does remind me of being at Cabela’s today though where I heard plenty of comments like “I bet if you get that fat ass over here you could jew him down on these shirts.” Yes, it was disturbing. And, well, the toothless wonder spewing such things was wearing quite the fine “patriotic” t-shirt himself.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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