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Is there a kiln in town for pottery firing?

Home Forums General Columbus Discussion Is there a kiln in town for pottery firing?

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    We still can do a kiln share, but our prices are higher now, honestly, to help make it worth our while to pay for the electricity used, recent kiln maintenance, plus take into consideration all of our time spent for the 26 hour firing time (includes heating time and cooling time plus loading and unloading the kiln). We really can’t go anywhere during much of that 26 hours, just in case. Some firings go to about 1828° F and other types go to about 2167° F; it’s not something to leave unattended.

    Our kiln is fairly big: 7.7 cubic feet of space inside. We generally fit in 4 shelves that are 21 inches diameter. 3 of these shelves need posts near their edges to hold up the next shelf (which takes away a little space in 3 spots on each shelf). Then the top shelf does not need any posts.

    Keeping all of this in mind, our rates are higher than previously. For the most current pricing, contact Karen & Nick at: [email protected]

    General pricing*:
    Full kiln load $150
    Half kiln load (2 full shelves) $80
    One kiln shelf $45

    We can also price per item if need be.

    * Rates are subject to change as we see fit.



    We are no longer offering kiln sharing. Sorry!


    Alex Silbajoris

    Hey I have one of these to unload, it’s up for grabs for anyone who wants to come get it. PM me.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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