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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    JonMyers said:
    These type of concepts seem like overkill and over-thinking food trucks. You don’t eat the table, chairs and lamps.

    A designated area to set up (ex., abandoned warehouse, etc.) a no frills sit down area and just making good food seem like enough and like something that would actually happen… Faster.. My 2¢.

    Not a fan of design, eh? ;)

    Wait… are you looking at something else? What Tim & Eliza proposed is a warehouse space, no frills (but a nice design) and enlisting the existing food truck community. This looks like an idea that could get up and running pretty quickly.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Dinin’ Hall Brings Food Truck Food Court to Franklinton in May
    By: Walker

    Beloved are our Columbus food trucks. They’ve had an interesting and evolving impact on the local dining scene in just a few short years, and 2012 promises a new round of innovation with the official launch of Dinin’ Hall in May.

    Dinin’ Hall will be the first “street food pod” in Columbus (San Francisco is also getting their first one this Spring) which provides additional amenities to food truck dining, including indoor seating, a centralized checkout system, and a built environment more welcoming to newcomers who have previously been on the fence about eating out of mobile vehicles.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/dinin-hall-brings-food-truck-food-court-to-franklinton-in-may

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Press Release:
    First Columbus Street Food Hub Opens in Franklinton on April 30
    Dinin’ Hall Hosts Community Celebration Week May 14-18 at 400 West Rich

    COLUMBUS (April 9, 2012) — Dinin’ Hall, Columbus’ first street food hub, will open at the southeast corner of artist community 400 West Rich in Franklinton on April 30. It will host a Community Celebration Week from May 14 to May 18.

    Designed to help evolve the Columbus street food experience, Dinin’ Hall provides a permanent outdoor station for mobile food vendors, a 1,300-square-foot indoor communal dining space accommodating up to 60 people, and a streamlined ordering system. Diners will order menu items from a truck, get a number and receipt, pay inside at a register, and have their food brought to their table. The sleek décor includes a 14-foot long communal table, bar-style seating, and modular tables. Many elements of the space have been made with salvaged materials.

    Dinin’ Hall will be open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Two to three food trucks will be on site each day. With a rotating roster of mobile eateries, it will represent a mix of established vendors and newcomers to the scene. It will place strong emphasis on ethnic specialties, from Korean street food and Polish pierogies to tacos and Caribbean delicacies. Parking is available in the lot at 400 West Rich and along Rich and Lucas Streets, and pick-up orders can be placed by calling 614-427-3560. Visit tinyurl.com/dininhall for a complete roster of food vendors.

    In honor of its grand opening, Dinin’ Hall is hosting a Community Celebration Week on May 14-18. It’s partnering with nonprofit organizations that have a strong presence in Franklinton and will donate a portion of proceeds to each group. Representatives from each organization will be on site during their assigned days to engage with patrons.

    Community Celebration Week (11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each day)
    Monday, May 14
    Food: Paddy Wagon Food Co. and Mojo Tago
    Nonprofit: Furniture Bank of Central Ohio
    Tuesday, May 15
    Food: Ajumama and Street Thyme
    Nonprofit: Furniture Bank of Central Ohio
    Wednesday, May 16
    Food: Pitabilities, Sophie’s Gourmet Pierogie, and Spinelli’s Deli
    Nonprofit: Community for New Direction
    Thursday, May 17
    Food: Ajumama, Freedom a la Cart, and Green Meanie
    Nonprofits: Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus and Franklinton Gardens
    Friday, May 18
    Food: Nicolasa’s, Short North Bagel Deli, and Sublime Smoke Mobile Kitchen
    Nonprofit: Columbus Historical Society

    Retail, Private Events, and Catering
    In addition to being a street food hub, Dinin’ Hall will sell a variety of local products, including coffee beans, baked goods, honey, and jam. The space will be available to rent at minimum increments of two hours for meetings, fundraisers, and private parties. Dinin’ Hall associates will also manage catering services for a variety of mobile food vendors.

    “Good food helps build good community,” said Eliza Ho, co-founder of Dinin’ Hall. “We believe that Dinin’ Hall will strengthen Columbus’ reputation as a bustling mobile food destination.”



    Just went to the soft opening for this, and its going to be great. They open on Monday for real, and its worth a trip down there to see. As mentioned above, these pods are common in other cities and this feels like something that will catch on and grow here.

    Liner Notes
    Liner Notes

    Heather and I were very honored to be Dinin’ Hall’s first customers at their dry run today. Tim and Eliza created a great food pod experience at 400 W. Rich. Ordering was easy. First you order from the truck of your choice, get a food ticket with an order number and then proceed to the register inside. There you can pick up chips, drink and/or a packaged dessert, then pay. Seating is both family style and tables for two. The decor is simple, bright and clean with smart branding touches including use of color and signs above receptacles that read recyclin’ and trashin’.

    Since we arrived early it wasn’t very crowed. But as we were leaving a little before noon, a good crowd had already started to file into Dinin’ Hall including some from nearby COSI and others who drove to the location. It looks like this could be a popular lunch destination.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Photos via Facebook:

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Press Release:
    Dinin’ Hall Opens Today!

    Dinin’ Hall, Columbus first street food hub, will officially open Monday April 30! We’re located at 400 W. Rich in east Franklinton. Dinin’ Hall features two to three food trucks and carts each day, Monday through Friday from, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you will find different street food every time they come. Better yet, you can choose to either eat in on site or take out. Pre-order is available. Call ahead to make your order at 614-427-3560.

    We feature Mojo Tago (freshest tacos) and Nicolasa’s (creative fusion food) on Monday. Their menus can be viewed at http://dininhall.com/calendar–menu.html, where you will also find our food trucks and carts schedule for the month of May.

    Also, free, custom made cookies will be given out to our first 20 customers each day in the first week of May!

    See you at Dinin’ Hall! Bon Appetit!



    Just got back from our first trip. Myself and 5 other office colleagues went and ordered a mix of items from Spinelli’s and the Pita truck. All reviews are pointing to positive now. I had the Spicy Roast Beef from Spinelli’s and it was fantastic!

    One small thing I think the hall could improve on right now is to provide easier access to napkins and condiments inside the hall. Our group and other patrons were sitting down to eat when their food arrived, but had to get back up to go out and get napkins and/or condiments.

    Great job to all involved who organized this restaurant concept!



    Had a great burger and BBQ tots from Street Thyme yesterday. Easy, fast, cheap. I love it. My only suggestion, and I mentioned it to Eliza yesterday, is that they get a couple highchairs. It’s hard to eat with a squirmy toddler in your lap.


    Dinin Hall

    Thank you so much for the support! We’ve been quite busy in the past three days of our first week. Thanks so much for all of our food trucks and carts. Without them, Dinin’ Hall wouldn’t have been possible! And our customers are just so nice and generous! Thank you very much for your kind suggestions. We hear you, and will make adjustment wherever possible.



    Can’t Find A Food Truck? Franklinton Creates A Spot
    May 21, 2012
    by Marilyn Smith
    89.7 NPR News Afternoon Host

    Columbus now has an estimated one-hundred food trucks or carts scattered around town. And while parking lot diners love the food, finding a food truck on any given day and finding a place to eat can be a problem. But now, following the lead of other cities, Columbus has at least one hub for mobile eateries.

    READ MORE: http://beta.wosu.org/news/2012/05/21/cant-find-a-food-truck-franklinton-creates-a-spot/



    Short North Bagels is my favorite, though I like them all. Nice Owner, Great Food

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Another evening!

    5:00pm until 8:30pm

    For one night only we are opening for special hours to bring you more Dinin’ Hall!
    Green Meanie, Sophie’s Pierogis and FoodFetti will be joining us to bring you extra food truck fun!
    Bring your friends and your beer and hang out with us on our one night only event!

    The trucks will be offer special items on their menus!

    Sophie’s Pierogis will be offering a giant mushroom pierogi with sundried tomato butter, served with a fresh spinach and strawberry side salad.
    Food Fetti’s menu will include a made to order philly cheesesteak and a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich!

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Breakfast Saturday June 30!



    Kimchi omelet?

    This might be the first time I should be able to check it out!

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 98 total)

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