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I Am Looking For a Job and Have No Where Else To Turn To

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    How committed are you to staying in Columbus? Have you looked elsewhere where the market may be better for you to get your feet wet in the industry? What about Peace Corps, Teach For America, Alliance for Catholic Education (Notre Dame’s version of TFA) or Ameri Corps? Teach English oversees? The last 2 options only require 1-2 years of commitment provide some kind of salary and benefits and an opportunity to get something on the resume.


    What’s the question marks for? It’s pretty simple. Are you limiting yourself to the Columbus market or are you looking at other opportunities? Do you have family somewhere else who would put you up for a month or two while you got settled and found work? Have you looked at opportunities like the Peace Corps or Teach for America that would require a small commitment but would provide an opportunity to gain experience, qualifications and references.

    Instead of making excuses you should invest the time into something more constructive. For what’s it worth, I usually only have my 2 personal references and 2 work (current and past employers) references. Never seemed to stop me so far. Like I said, sell yourself in the interview. Identify your weaknesses and be able to talk about those and address them in the interview just as much as the strengths. Someone will give you the opportunity to get on your feet if you put the work in to earn it.

    I’d be curious to know what your 4-5 years in undergrad were like if you are having trouble with references and work. Did you have a part time job? Lead or hold a position of authority in any student organizations? Do research with any professors? Volunteer anywhere?



    I hear that you have been very active at WCRS. Why don’t you use folks there as a reference?



    Better bone up on your office skills, if you haven’t already. If you’re kimiting yourself to office work, etc., your best bet is to apply to ALL of the temp agencies. If you’re near Downtown, this is easy. Spherion’s a good one, and they have on-site office with Nationwide and Huntington. The one crappy part about temping is that when the economy’s bad, so are the assignments, and you may end up with really low paying work.

    If you’re applying for things at OSU, I highly recommend that you apply for anything and everything, even if it’s low-level. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you’re golden.

    I understand about work in the ‘burbs when you don’t have a car. COTA’s great for stuff in town, but craptastic for things outside of of central C-bus.



    SusanB wrote >>
    I hear that you have been very active at WCRS. Why don’t you use folks there as a reference?

    Most of the people there aren’t familiar with me as a volunteer, and the ones who are are no longer involved.

    BC, depending on your personal views, have you thought of talking with a recruiter? 4 year degree in journalism or whatever might get you something in public affairs or similar following boot. May not be the most ideal of options…



    Just because folks are no longer with WCRS doesn’t mean that they can’t be used as a reference. Maybe they have moved on to even better things and can be even more valuable as a reference. Just saying.



    You could use your mailman and your garbage man as references, it really doesn’t matter.

    garbage man: “Well, his trash is always bagged”

    mailman: “well, he always gets his mail, and he seems to get a lot of packages in plainly wrapped brown packages, I swear, one was vibrating the other week”

    doesn’t really matter, you know at least two people. Put down your bartender, your barber, the guy at Quicki-mart. if you think that is what is keeping you from working then I don’t think the problem is the references.

    If I had no income I’d at least be applying at Wendy’s, anywhere. danny’s sounds like a good gig, might not make much, but if I was where you are, that would be the least of my concerns. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t apply for a job. Really, this is constructive criticism/tough love. NO MORE EXCUSES.

    Stop holding yourself back.



    The problem with using friends is that (a) they don’t really know you as a professional, and (b) they might say something negative about you that will discourage the hiring manager

    Talk to me for 30 minutes at the next CU meetup about jobs you have had and what you want to do with your life. I used to be a chef so I have food service background (used to be a dishwasher and a waiter also).

    I’ll vouch for your character and say I know you socially, and I have a background in food service. If I’m not comfortable giving a reference, I’ll let you know before hand. But I would never give a negative reference without telling you first. Worse you would get is saying “I have no direct knowledge of that” or “I couldn’t say”.

    I also know that a lot of landscaping companies hire seasonal work. It’s back breaking work, but you definitely feel like you made an honest buck. They don’t care about references. And if you stick it out with them, it’s a damned good reference. No slacker is going to do landscaping.



    I don’t know how strong a union town Columbus is. (Maybe someone else can speak to that.)

    At six in the morning go walk up to the construction office anywhere they are doing construction and ask if they need help. Bring your own tools and dress for heavy work. They don’t care about references either. (or criminal backgrounds for that matter)

    There are a lot of walk up jobs in food service also. At 4:00 pm knock on the back door of any independent resturant. Tell them you are trying to get into the business and ask if they need help with dishwashing or ‘prep work’. They don’t care about references, criminal background or what you look like. Just be clean. The key here is to be asking for a job when one of their guys just walked. The turnover in the back kitchen is really really high.

    I’ve been succesfull using both of the above techniques.
    Not only didn’t they not ask for references, I don’t think they even asked for ID.



    BCNation wrote >>
    References- I don’t want to use friends, for the obvious reasons, and I have much limited experience, where do I go from there?

    In my honest opinion, a little less time interacting with people on the internet and a little more time interacting with people in person would do you a world of good. Every time I’ve met you, it’s been awkward at best, and sort of creepy as the norm. I’m guessing that isn’t how you intend to come across to people (and maybe I’m just overly sensitive) but I think it’s going to be difficult for an employer to see you as part of their team when it’s difficult to have a conversation with you.
    Please know, I’m not saying that to be mean, I really want to see you get a job.
    You mentioned being in a fraternity in college. Perhaps you can meet with some of the current members and just spend some time socializing.

    I know how easy it is to be negative when you’re searching for a job for so long with no luck, but if you don’t see the good in yourself, an employer isn’t going to either. If you feel like you have no skills, nothing to offer an employer, that’s going to come across in an interview. Why on earth would someone hire you when you’re begging them not to?

    I also wanted to mention, Cameron Mitchell Catering on occasion needs people to serve at parties etc. They pay $15 an hour, and you only need to be able to follow directions and carry food. They do have a full time staff, though I don’t know if they’re hiring. I’m sure they’re going to be catering all kinds of parties this summer. You might want to get in on the action! Being around people who work in the restaurant industry would be a great way to help you build some of the skills other employers are looking for.
    Good luck to you.



    wedding planners might be a good connection, too, for catering gigs.



    BCNation wrote >>
    Now I’m done with this thread forever.

    okay, hows about the rest of y’alls?



    Most, if not all jobs require at least three references. I’ve seen applications for Chipotle, Cup of Joe/Staufs, Max & Erma’s, etc. ALL require references, and I don’t have any.

    Anyone with a college degree is more than qualified to work at any of the above establishments. Your professors from school are your references for the application, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

    And you should look for other regular volunteer opportunities where you will have consistent interaction with an organization, which can then provide a reference for you for future jobs. FirstLink[/url] has a volunteer database on their website. It’s a good place to start.



    groundrules wrote >>

    BCNation wrote >>
    Now I’m done with this thread forever.

    okay, hows about the rest of y’alls?

    I think I am…bringing this thread back is like bringing back Scrubs for a 10th season.

    Chris Sunami
    Chris Sunami

    I don’t want to join the group pile-on that was this thread the last time it was open, but when someone asks for help and then consistently finds excuses not to try the suggestions offered, the only conclusion is that at some level the person isn’t really interested in moving forward.

    Maybe the real question isn’t where is that perfect job you’re looking for, but rather what part of you is sabotaging your job search and why.

    Ultimately, you are in control of your own destiny. I won’t claim that as an absolute, but I do think it’s applicable in this case.


    what’s your degree? journalism?

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