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How are Friday's at Bristol Bar?

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    I see, by the thread below, that Saturday’s rock at Bristol but it’s tough for my wife and I to make it on Saturdays so we were going to go tonight and meet some friends but wanted to make sure it’s a good night to go.

    What’s the setting like there on Friday’s?

    Thanks guys and gals!




    we were there last friday for happy hour – good specials from 6-8. there was a decent crowd of 30+, which filtered down to 3-4 shortly after the specials ended. all that is to say there is a lull before the night crowd comes, so I would either hit it early or later, not in the middle.



    Thanks Dru for the reply. Yeah we both work till 7 and by the time we get dinner out of the way and such it will be later around 10:30 or so when we get there.

    So we should catch the late crowd just getting going. :)



    Go on Saturday.

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    enzo wrote Go on Saturday.

    Um…I think he said they can’t go Saturdays…hence the question about Friday………………………………………………………..



    I have no idea if there is even a DJ and who it would be tonight that is why I say Saturday…..no risk, always rockin.

    We could start a big promo of our own and make it awesome for you…..EVERYONE GO TO BRISTOL TONIGHT…BIG PARTY…DJ TBA. :wink:



    bristolbar.com wrote


    Bristol Bar invites you to enjoy a hard drink every Friday while guest DJ’s spin the best in House music.

    DJs Include:

    DJ Palvo Komas, 4CAST, Nick Tatmam, DJ Clockwork, DJ Ethics



    HAHA I like the big promo idea…SO let’s all go to Bristol tonight! haha



    I usually go on Fridays. There was DJ last time and it was not packed to the brim with people. :D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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