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Hoster Gold Top Beer Returns

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Beer: Hoster set to bottle namesake lager

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    By John Ross

    Hoster Gold Top to go? Coming right up. The city’s most famous lager will return in six-packs before the Fourth of July, as the reenergized L. Hoster Brewing Company boosts production and looks to expand its brand.

    In addition to releasing Gold Top in bottles, co-owners Daniel Meyers and Victor Ecimovich said they plan to increase the beer’s availability on draft and brew other selections under the Hoster name later this year.

    READ MORE: http://www.columbusalive.com/live/content/features/stories/2011/05/05/beer-hoster-set-to-bottle-namesake-lager.html?sid=108



    Victor is planning to bring Gold Top and another one of the beers in his repertoire to Afternoon with the Brewers, June 12th @ Barley’s Alehouse #1



    Congratulations to Daniel and Victor for their efforts to revive an old Columbus powerhouse. Prohibition, its roots in Worthington and Westerville, decimated the local breweries at the time, though the Hoster name has resurfaced over the years. I see a lot of old Hoster bottles on eBay from the “glory days” of old brewing.

    Hoster Brewery 1907

    Because of the efforts of guys like Daniel and Victor, and brewmasters like Scott and Angelo (Barley’s) and Patrick (Neil House), etc., I feel the glory days are alive and well in Columbus brewing, with so many delicious options within our reach.



    Check out this vintage Hoster’s bottle made into a bar top lamp




    Shaping Columbus: Louis Hoster, Brewery District pioneer
    Premium content from Business First by Craig Lovelace
    Date: Friday, May 18, 2012

    It’s worth wondering what the Brewery District would look like were it not for Prohibition and World War I. Each event played a major role in killing the breweries owned by Germans whose businesses dotted the near south side and left a legacy that still resonates. Would the district have evolved into an area offices and entertainment venues or would beer still be a mainstay of commercial activity?

    READ MORE: http://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/print-edition/2012/05/18/shaping-columbus-louis-hoster.html?page=all



    This was a great local brewing article that cited a reference book in our esteemed library system: Lager and Liberty: German brewers of nineteenth century Columbus by Donald M. Schlegel. I’ll look forward to spending a few warm Summer days reading it in the cool main library.

    Intentional or not, the article fails to mention where World of Beer, a bar that stocks 50 beers on tap, and 500 in the bottle, established themselves in the Brewery District. They are, of course, in the Worly Building, a building that once was a stable for the cherished Hoster delivery horses.

    Also significant to this building is the variety of beer. While local Hoster struggled against breweries like Pabst and Schlitz, in WOB beers from all over the US and around the World, sit next to beers from Columbus, like CBC and Four String, beers that are basking in the limelight. Local beers are getting a warm reception there from their clientele, and more of their taps are being dedicated to local and regional beers. It’s kind of like Hoster is living on via the new generation of breweries.


    turbo ninja

    I don’t live in Columbus right now but some friends from Bexley will be joining us in NC for Thanksgiving and they’ve offered to buy the booze for this year’s feast (we’re buying the local seafood). Where can a body find Gold Top, either in growlers or in bottles? I was going to request Great Lakes Christmas Ale but that stuff is all over the place down here at the moment.



    I am not positive but I think you may be able to get a sixth barrel keg at Gentile’s.



    Studio 35 has it and they fill growlers. Villa Nova is their best account according to Victor, but I don’t know if they fill growlers. I have a text headed Victor’s way.


    Digital Dave

    Schmidts has it on tap, not sure if they do growlers tho.



    Does anybody know what’s going on with Hoster’s? I feel like I never see it anywhere and I wonder if they’re still producing it.



    If anyone is interested in the history of the pre prohibition Hoster Brewing Company, Columbus Brew Adventures does their last Brewery walking tour of the season on Oct 18th at 3:30 pm (the tour will be back in the spring).


    And CBA guide, Jim Ellison, should be doing an article with an update on the 21st Century Hoster Brewing in the winter time for Stock and Barrel or another local publication.

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