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HORRIBLE food and service at Mr. Eggs

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    Alex Silbajoris

    Was it one of the Rabbit Run series of books where a side plot element involved scrambled eggs with a special romantic ingredient?


    I can’t believe you had such a bad experience there, Drew! A bunch of the local food bloggers have all reviewed it, and they all loved it. Just looking at their pictures made me want to go. Even the pictures of the host’s Code Red spit bottle looked amazing!



    I used to be a regular, the roach and hash brown casserole was a personal favorite… but once it became the place where Public Service organized their regular harassment of local business I had to find somewhere else to conduct my research on MRSA. It was like watching that scene from Takedown every morning where Hitler screams at his lackeys because the war isn’t going right anymore, that department is just totally losing it’s stuff… people slamming their fists on tables screaming in German making eggs and dip spit fly everywhere. I’ll stick to Der Waffle Haus from here on out, I know it’s a chain but every once in a while I get to see Mandy Patinkin there.



    Mr. Egg’s host (the one with tobacco) made me take off my shoes to enter the establishment, then he stole them. I never got my food either because they don’t have toast…Only eggs.

    I may go back though because the server wasn’t too bad.


    That guy that runs Mr. Eggs is a complete bastard and I’ve been meaning to say so for ages but I was just too nice to admit it. Unfortunately the place is close to my house so I always end up there somehow. Duane (that’s his name, I’m not afraid to reveal it) grabs my ass every time I go over there and also knocks on my door at 2am when he’s drunk. I’m so sick of reading all the great reviews of his place. I’m the only one who knows that he hates localvores, that he hates eggs, that he’s completely hollow on the inside. But when you disparage Mr.Eggs it’s like you’ve shot down Santa Claus at the OK Corral. Thank you for setting me free!!



    I used to remember having to use the basement entrance with the cyclone doors after the Health Department nailed the front doors shut. It kind of gained a cult following after they found those bodies.



    The first time I went there, they told me I had to bring my *own* eggs, that all they were serving that day were Scioto fish sandwiches with cheese. The sandwich wasn’t that bad, actually.

    The next time I went, I took my own eggs and I asked for an omelette. The server got pissed, put his cigarette out on my plate, and told me that they operated a “‘Merican E-STAB-lish-ment” and they didn’t “serve no goddamn french food.” I told him to chill & asked for eggs over easy, but they served me another Scioto fish sandwich with cheese – this time with a scrambled egg in it.

    I’ve tried to quit this place, but I keep going back. They’ve made me lose my appetite for all other food.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    CU Meet Up at Mr. Eggs?

    But only if CU’s famed and beloved restaurant reviewers, @JimL2 & @DrewToothpaste show up.


    I hate Mr Eggs. They scrambled my wife!


    Alex Silbajoris

    I have to go to Mr. Eggs, the alternative of eating at home is absolutely out of the question.

    The dangerous kitchen
    If it ain’t one thing it’s another
    In the middle of the night when you get home
    The bread things are all dry ‘n scratchy
    The meat things where the cats ate through the paper
    The can things with the sharp little edges
    That can cut your fingers when you’re not looking
    The soft little things on the floor that you step on
    They can all be DANGEROUS

    The milk can hurt you
    (If you put it on your cereal
    Before you smell the plastic container)
    And the stuff in the strainer
    Has a mind of its own
    So be very careful
    In the dangerous kitchen
    When the night time has fallen
    And the roaches are crawlin’
    In the kitchen of danger
    You can feel like a stranger

    The bananas are black
    They got flies in the back
    And also the chicken
    In the dish with the foil
    Where the cream is all clabbered
    And the salad is frightful
    Your return in the evening
    Can be less than delightful

    You must walk very careful
    You must not lean against it
    It can get on your clothing
    It can follow you in
    As you walk to the bedroom
    And you take all your clothes off
    While you’re sleeping
    It crawls off
    It gets in your bed
    It could get on your face then
    It could eat your complexion
    You could die from the danger
    Of the dangerous kitchen

    Who the fuck wants to clean it?

    It’s disgusting and dirty
    The sponge on the drainer
    Is stinky and squirty
    If you squeeze it when you wipe up
    What you get on your hands then
    Could unbalance your glands and
    Make you blind or whatever . . .
    In the dangerous kitchen
    At my house tonight



    Holy Shit !

    Is this one of those places that act like this as a theme to the restaurant?
    most likely not but maybe they should sell it that way.

    I would have bailed at the chew indecent but good for you for making it through the whole experience. lol



    franchise opportunities available for Mr Eggs…own your own business today!


    I heard Mr. Eggs puts spike strips outside their patio, just to mess with the Americans with Disability Act.

    What’s strange, the Department of Public Service has ignored it completely and rumor has it, Mark Kelsey has an omelet named after him.



    Coremodels said:
    What’s strange, the Department of Public Service has ignored it completely and rumor has it, Mark Kelsey has an omelet named after him.

    You sure you didn’t just mis-hear somebody talking about the dip spit?



    Is this a real place??? Or is this some kind of farce and an in-joke now on CU? Please somebody throw me a bone here.

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