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Homeless in Columbus

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    Not sure how we are dealing with this problem, but my latest visit to a homeless camp in Columbus!



    I have to admit I was surprised by the location. That is not exactly where I would expect to see a homeless camp. I tend to think of them clustered around downtown or the older parts of the city.

    It is awful that these things exist. How much of it has to do with people who simply will not be helped-people who cannot provide appropriate shelter for themselves, but refuse any city services to provide any type of housing, temporary or otherwise?

    I remember reading about the man who unfortunately burned to death in his tent. Homeless advocates checked on him regularly, but he refused to go to any shelter, etc. For these type of people, what can be done? Razing their camps is a temporary solution(they will rebuild at the same place or somewhere else). Arresting them for vagrancy(for their own good) would probably be illegal as well as wrong.

    Is there an answer? If I contacted the city, what exactly should I ask them to do?


    There is a Maryhaven Collaborative Outreach Team (MCOT) that goes out onto the land and into homeless camps like this one each day.

    They encourage these individuals to sign up for housing, and if they are willing, the waitlist can sometimes be 6 months to one year.

    The problem in Columbus is not homeless camps, but lack of housing.

    Certainly, numerous people only want to live outside, but the majority of homeless individuals would obviously prefer to be inside.



    Epic ending to the video.


    I interact with the homeless community on a regular basis and volunteer a ton of time for food security locally.

    The biggest problems are the addiction and mental health issues that community faces. If you want to make a difference, volunteer to help with food security, social work, and ADAMH benefit/counseling procurement.

    Talking to the patrons/neighbors, food is not a big problem. I can attest to a decent amount of food available if you can get around town on foot in a five mile radius, 7 days a week.

    To get housing, jobs, supplemental income, etc you need to be drug/dependency free, willing to work, background check, pass tests and generally look to integrate back in to society. That is a big hurdle for many.


    Yeah, I think its an incredibly diverse problem so there isn’t just a single, simple solution. I interact with the homeless on a pretty regular basis as well, but mostly because I’m out at Schiller Park every morning really early. I’ve gotten to know a number of folks pretty well over the years, many of which are alcoholics and addicts who aren’t really seeking a change. They’re nice people, I help them out with a smoke or a buck or some clothes here and there, but they aren’t looking for a substantial life change even if offered.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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