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Home inspectors in Columbus?

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    The Hegemo

    Anyone have any recommendations for good ones, or bad ones to stay away from? My realtor is recommending a couple from ProCheck, and I’ve heard decent things about that company, but I wanted to do a little asking around before I hire someone.



    As soon as I get home I will post one to avoid lol



    my last guy sucked too, I forget his name. he was private, not with a company though. my realtor recommended him. realtor was awesome so I trusted his judgement, but the inspector could have been more thorough I felt. Not that I’ve had any unexpected problems with the house though, so i guess he wasn’t that bad. if I remember his name I’ll post it up.


    ProCheck did a great job on our first house, and we just used HomeScan[/url] for our new house, and they did a great job too. The reason we didn’t use ProCheck again, we were trying to make an appointment during the windstorm power outages and couldn’t get ahold of them and never got a call back.



    I had an excellent home inspector. Really thourough. Dan something – I have his card on my desk at home. I had my dad – who used to build houses and knows a whole lot more and I do about them watch and listen during the inspection. He got my dad’s seal of approval. Will report back this evening.



    Try Dan at Cornerstone Home Inspections (614-361-8962).



    We used Steve Schira from ProCheck. He did a good enough job, delivered the report immediately (from a standardized form), and his price was fairly average. The only thing seemingly lacking was pictures – the people who bought our house had a report with photos detailing specific issues. They used Central Ohio Building Inspection (614-236-2624).



    Premier Property Inspections was awesome. They inspected our house before we bought it in July. Chuck and Lou are the owners and did a fantastic job of inspecting our home. They let me shadow them and answered all of my (first time home owner) questions, and even answered questions I didn’t know I should ask. HIGHLY recommend them…888.774.6020



    Lyle Vradenburg did a great job for us when we built our house in 2004. We did 3 inspections total, and the price for it was quite reasonable. Well worth every penny paid because he stayed on top of the subs and found what could have been a very costly mistake that they made with our plumbing/drainage. He’s out of Hilliard, and his phone number is 614.777.1700.



    I recommend Mark Wing from the Wing Inspection Group. He is very experienced and teaches at some sort of inspection school. Ballpark cost is around 300 dollars but this guy is the most thorough I’ve ever seen.

    They are straight A rated on Angie’s List.



    Avoid Home Front Inspections that’s who I used .

    The night after I moved in my ceiling fell in :( after that I started to notice bad things they did not see don’t know how they didn’t.



    I used Stutz and Associates 614-487-8717.

    they were great! The inspector spent quite a bit of time going through the house and was extremely thorough. He explained everything he was doing as he did it and taught me a ton about home maintenance on the way!



    Win home inspection.

    On the first house we were going to buy the guy found a leaky roof and black mold in a floor joists.

    In the house we ended up buying he found about 6K in problems that the owner fixed before we bought.

    When there were problems he documented them with pictures so it was clear what needed to be fixed.

    Couldn’t be more pleased

    Contact: LARRY STUMPH


    DUBLIN OH 43017

    (614) 890-2800

    (614) 890-8904 (fax)

    [email protected]



    Good list here,

    Would love some recent rec’s

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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