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Winking Lizard Replaces Hoggy's in Grandview - Hoggy's Closes All Stores

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    buckette13 said:
    Saw ABC6 filming outside yesterday…

    COLUMBUS (Tara Morgan) — People who live near a new Grandview area restaurant are taking action to solve parking problems. Ever since the Winking Lizard opened in late February at 5th Avenue and Grandview, neighbors say parking has been tricky. “I end up having to park two blocks down or a couple streets over and then walk around not a huge problem but it hasn’t been like that till pretty recently,” said Adam Lehman.

    Read More at: http://www.abc6onyourside.com/shared/news/features/top-stories/stories/wsyx_parking-problems-mounting-near-new-grandview-area-restaurant-bar-23603.shtml

    “If we had permit parking it wouldn’t effect Winking Lizard business their patrons can go and find parking where they’re supposed to instead of encroaching on residents,” said Linkous.”

    Where they’re supposed to? You mean like on a public street with public street parking?



    Can’t wait to see the thread when they open up a Winking Lizard in Clintonville.



    This parking issue is what happens when you have silos of parking dedicated to one establishment and not shared use parking. There is plenty of parking surrounding the WL that is not used in the evening when the WL needs additional parking. Why not workout some shared use parking agreements. Permit parking is not the answer it’s just a mechanism for the city to generate revenue and is difficult to monitor. If you don’t want to deal with urban issues don’t live in an urban area.

    Also, This is not “Grandview Heights” it is the City of Columbus.



    They are calling it ‘Grandview’ – short for Grandview area ;) – which is Columbus speak for the area consisting of both Grandview Heights and 5xNW. At least it is more descriptive than the ‘Near East Side’.



    Ha, especially when you don’t know if you’re more on the Far East Side or Near East Side… perhaps the Middle East Side?



    Great patio weather today, last time I was there the patio was full of chatty 20 somethings.



    mrpoppinzs said:
    Great patio weather today, last time I was there the patio was full of chatty 20 somethings.

    Generally it is a mixed crowd but the older folks go to bed earlier. ;)



    For those of you that are interested- the 5xNW area commission has their monthly public meeting this week. They are discussing the parking and will be giving the city their suggested restrictions for the permit parking petition and study. They are overriding the residents suggested restrictions that were already submitted and trying to add an area that is not congested with WL overflow parking. This will most likely cause the area to fall short of the requirements needed to support a permit parking area. They have not shared the hours they want to suggest for restrictions yet. Hopefully the residents will have a chance to voice their concerns and suggestions at this public forum.

    Fifth by Northwest Area Commission Meeting
    Tuesday, May 7th at 7pm
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    2001 Northwest Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212

    Interestingly, the preamble to their by-laws states that they will

    “study problems and needs of the area, recommend solutions and bring these needs to the attention of proper government agencies; determine the need for, and recommend legislation affecting the area; provide communication within the area and between the area and city government; solicit cooperation of all segments of the community; afford additional voluntary citizen participation in decision-making in an advisory capacity to the city administration and city council; “


    I look forward to hearing what they have done to “study the problems and solicit cooperation of all segments”.



    The Football Foodie: Wings Edition
    Published on September 14, 2013 11:30 am
    By: Ayana Wilson

    Winking Lizard Grandview

    Winking Lizard Grandview has only been open six months, and already it’s become one of the hottest places to hang in the Grandview/5xNW area. Boasting 33 taps, 2 interior rooms, and a large 90-person patio complete with fire pit and 8 outdoor screens, Winking Lizard Grandview is a game-watching paradise.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/the-football-foodie-wings-edition-aw1/5

Viewing 9 posts - 391 through 399 (of 399 total)

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