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Historic 1940 Gunning House Imminently Threatened!

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    I would run a B+B in this house, is it in Rush Creek? That would be lovely.



    Manatee wrote I would run a B+B in this house, is it in Rush Creek? That would be lovely.

    It’s on the east side, Reynoldsburg area.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    lifeontwowheels wrote Ahh, life in the midwest…

    Historic preservation problems don’t occur anywhere else?



    What ever happened with this? I have googled it and can not find anything besides old articles about it being in danger of being demolished.



    The auditors website has the last sale in 1994, so maybe nothing has happened?



    I checked this place out 6 months or so ago. At the time there were no takers. Amazing potential, although needs a lot of work and some of the original furniture/built-ins have been stolen in the past year or so. Awesome property/place for someone with the funds to invest. It has a seperate ‘guard tower’ style building with a rooftop patio (complete with murphy bed). Awesomeness.



    Walker wrote >>

    lifeontwowheels wrote Ahh, life in the midwest…

    Historic preservation problems don’t occur anywhere else?

    Some cities more than others. Columbus comes to mind; just take a look at all the historic, architectural gems that were demolished in our downtown. (e.g., the old franklin county courthouse on South High, Union Station on North High)




    I was probably looking at it from the grass is greener view.

    Our parking lots had to come from somewhere. right?

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Wanted to bring this up again. Man I wish someone would buy this!

    Preservation Ohio released the 2011 List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites on July 13. The annual list highlights historically significant Ohio properties that face a risky future due to demolition, disinvestment or indifference.

    *Gunning House – Reynoldsburg, Franklin County – An outstanding example of mid-20th century architecture designed by trained apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Gunning House is threatened by possible developer interest in demolishing the site for commercial use. This is the Gunning House’s third year on the list.

    And new this year:
    *Joyce Tower – Columbus, Franklin County – Joyce Tower is the last remaining railroad tower in Columbus. Often forgotten, it has a unique role as the last vestige of an important chapter in Columbus history, and offers a visual link to that past. This is Joyce Tower’s first year on the list.

    Also placed on the list was the Columbia Building in Cleveland that is scheduled to be demolished for the casino parking lot.
    *Columbia Building and Stanley Block – Cleveland, Cuyahoga County – The Columbia Building reflects the Chicago commercial style prevalent for urban commercial blocks in the early 20th century. The Stanley Block represents one of few surviving commercial buildings in Cleveland with a stone façade. Both contribute to the neighborhood’s historic appearance. This is the first year the Columbia Building and Stanley Block are on the list.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Just came across an update on this at the Columbus Landmarks’ website:
    Update: February 9, 2012

    The 1940 Gunning House, a rare example of Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced architecture located in East Columbus, has been taken off the market following the death of its owner. For updated information, please contact the realtor: Bud Byrne, Vannatta Brothers, Realtors at [email protected]




    Oh man. What a damn shame. My furniture would look amazing in there.

    It reminds me a lot of Kentuck Knob, from the exterior.




    Man that sucks :( It’s such a awesome house I wish I had the money and skill to put into it.
    In addition, I am sad to see Knox County Infirmary on that list :( It is one of my favorite places to shoot I go there often but I totally understand that at some point it is going to have to come down. Not long ago when I was there, I noticed the outer brick walls of the building bowing a substantial amount it looked like giant bubbles additional the center of the building has completely fallen in.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    This house has been purchased! It has found a new life with Dorri Steinhoff and Joe Kuspan.

    I’m so happy this will be restored and renovated! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

    The Gunning House Removed From Most Endangered Buildings List

    The Gunning House, also known as Glenbrow, can finally be removed from the list of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites, assembled by Preservation Ohio. The home has been on the list since 2009. Last week, the new owners, Dorri Steinhoff and Joe Kuspan closed on the property at a purchase price of $185,000. Less than the 2008 asking price of $275,000. Most recently, as a commercial property, the listed price was $297,500.

    “It’s virtually a ruin, but it is a ruin that has beautiful characteristics,” says Steinhoff. “We saw the site and we loved the house.”

    [Read More…]


    Glad to see the property being saved, very unique property.

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