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Hill-rome meijers outlot building... what is it?

Home Forums General Columbus Discussion Dining Hill-rome meijers outlot building… what is it?

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    Signs showed up at the development. Panera and Five Guys plus an AT&T store. The store front with the drive-thru is painted in Panera’s color scheme…



    The strange squee sound you just heard was my wife finding out out we might be getting an IHOP.. I wont miss that hotel, it was run down and wasn’t attracting the best of clientele.. also starts to explain why they finally started putting sidewalks in..

    Hmm I wouldnt have expected them to open a Panera this close to their one at Mill Run but then they have one at Tuttle.. interesting they are trying a drive through concept.. maybe to compete with Timmy Horton’s up the street…

    As for 5 guys, eh.. not the best burger I ever had, but not the worst..

    And yet another phone store.. they’ve all done so well out here </sarcasm> it must be to replace the one that closed at Mill run.. oy..



    smart whoever developed this “George’s Corner”,as it is called, and all 3 storefronts are rented, rather than have FOR LEASE signs in the windows


    I love IHOP!!! Let’s hope it is true!



    I will try to find out if IHOP is going to the old motel spot..stay tuned!



    this will be the “new” what it going there…the old motel (Knights Inn), will it be a IHOP, an Olive Garden, or a Ichiban type steak house….time will tell…..??!!



    I don’t understand this pent up lust for IHOP – especially when you have the BEST pancakes in the world being served across the street at the only Perkin’s Pancake House in Columbus. Perkin’s pancakes are the lightest, fluffiest pancakes of any chain restaurant. The IHOP’s I experienced in California sucked – with pancakes worse than the local Bob Evans’. Give me Perkin’s or a waffle from First Watch anyday…



    This makes me happy, a little more variety where I typically eat lunch.



    chipotle_cowboy wrote >>

    takeasiesta wrote >>

    chipotle_cowboy wrote >>
    There is a drive-through built into the southern side, so a Panera with a drive-through seems probable.

    I have never ever seen a Panera with a drive-through. I don’t think those exist.

    Its American man… give anything enough time, and it will evolve to have a drive-through!

    Just saw a billboard last week south of Toledo advertising a “new drive through window” at a Panera ahead.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)

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