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HighBall Halloween 2013

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    But is Oktoberfest held in German Village (or even October for that matter)? No. It’s held near Linden (at the Fairgrounds) in late September.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    joshlapp said:
    If I recall correctly there were a lot of complains from SN business owners about High being blocked off when it was north of the current location.

    Partially true. Bar/restaurant business owners that were inside the “Highball zone” where the streets were closed mostly did very very very well. Some of the non-bar/restaurants did have slow sales days, and some of them complained about it.

    (Note: I was on the event planning committee for Highball for years 1-3)

    Which is one of the reasons the event has moved around every single year except this one. The location by the Convention Center is pretty perfect logistics-wise, and most all of the neighboring businesses benefit from the event/festival traffic pretty well.

    Also, while the boundary of the Short North neighborhood officially ends at Goodale (I’m fairly certain), the SNBA/SNA allows for memberships outside of the boundaries of the Short North, which includes businesses deeper into Italian Village, Victorian Village, Downtown and toward the University District and Weinland Park. So holding this event just outside of the Short North neighborhood isn’t really contradictory to the mission or the goals of the SNA.



    Are they serious with the new location for Highball Halloween!!!




    peter said:
    Are they serious with the new location for Highball Halloween!!!


    I can’t believe they painted it in those colors!



    Greetings everyone!

    Love to see the spirited conversation about HighBall and the Short North. In the end, I hope everyone enjoys the event and feels good about supporting the Short North Alliance. We’re ramping up the offerings this year as we expand to a 2-day concept.

    On the question of location…
    Everyone may be surprised to learn that we are actually holding the event in the Short North. The Short North Special Improvement District (which is funded by the property owners of the Short North) runs from the Hilton Hotel in the south to Kroger in the north. Those two properties mark the southern-most and northern-most points of the district.

    Most people assume the arches fully define the district. This is not the case. There is a longer story as to why the arches are where they are… but know that the boards of the Short North Alliance and the Short North Special Improvement District would very much like to eventually add arches both north and south to more accurately reflect the true boundaries of the district.

    The southern boundary was established in 1999 when the Short North Special Improvement District was formed. At that time, the Convention Center and Char Bar were the southern most properties paying into, and being represented by the SNSID.

    On an interesting note, a block west of HighBall is the North Market District… yes, they technically have their very own district.

    Regarding the number of locations HighBall has occupied… the answer is FIVE. A different location every year for the first five years. This year is the first time in the history of the event that it will be held in the same location twice.

    HighBall Producer
    Former Director of the Short North Alliance, the Short North SID and the Short North Business Association



    Still – even with your specified boundaries, it’s only 50% located in the SN.



    Graybeak said:
    I can’t believe they painted it in those colors!

    Title is pissed.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    via release:


    Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26

    High Street between the Short North and the Arena District

    (Columbus, Ohio – October 4, 2013) Be a part of the biggest street party Columbus has ever seen, as you help support the arts in the Short North. Highball Halloween is looking for volunteers to take part in a mash-up that is a bit Mardi Gras, a bit Carnivale and a lot Halloween. It will take hundreds of volunteers to bring the 6th annual Highball Halloween to life.

    There are a variety of opportunities for volunteers; assist artists; staff the entry gates; sell drink tickets and help make sure the production goes off as planned. Highball Halloween 2013 is offering special feature events sure to entertain all interests. You may want to volunteer in these new areas.

    If you see yourself as the athletic type, consider the 5K COSTUME ZOOM-FUN RUN, a fun run with a cause. Costumed runners encounter HighBall-esque experiences as they zoom thru the streets of downtown Columbus on their way to the HighBall finish line.

    For the OSU fan in all of us, there will be an OHIO STATE vs. PENN STATE TAILGATE GAME WATCH PARTY — with a Highball twist.

    Pet lovers unite for DOGTOBER and a chance to disguise your Dalmatian, suit up your Saint or gussy up your Golden for an All Hallow’s Eve Dogtober procession right down High Street; Costume contest and prizes for pups and owners alike.

    For a family twist to the event, volunteer for KID’S DAY events which will feature crafts, costume contests, stage shows and the like.

    Select your area of interest by visiting HighBallHalloween.com/volunteer to sign up and get started. All volunteers will receive exclusive Highball T-Shirt, Glow merchandise, complimentary entrance to both days, free parking, and complimentary drink ticket.

    All Proceeds from Highball Halloween benefit the programs and initiatives of the Short North Alliance.



    Some great national press from (of all places) Fox News, calling Highball “the single most elaborate Halloween event in the country.”




    I signed up to volunteer for the 5K and filled out the follow-up questionnaire, but never heard back. Guess they didn’t need THAT many people for the race.


    Darn, maybe the email system lost you -I know they would still L-O-V-E volunteers for the 5K. If you email me ([email protected]), I’ll facilitate an introduction and I’m pretty sure you could pick a job as cool as you’d like!



    Meet the Designers of This Year’s Highball Halloween
    Published on October 21, 2013 9:25 am
    By: Walker

    The sixth annual Highball Halloween takes place this Friday and Saturday, and there’s a lot that’s new this year. But one of the msot popular returning features is the couture costume design fashion show, and this year’s designers have their own video featurettes.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/meet-the-designers-of-this-years-highball-halloween



    where are some good places to get a costume?


    Costume Specialties on Broad Street in Bexley.
    You can buy or rent them there, some really cool rentals too.


    I’m going friday night. It looks like the forecast has changed and the rain might not come!

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