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Heavy duty sewing - seat belt webbing

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    Alex Silbajoris

    Reduce, re-use, recycle…

    I want to make a sort of tug-of-war rope, only made of seat belts recovered from scrapped vehicles. I want a loop at one end, and about 12 feet of straight strap, with handhold loops sewn on at intervals along its length.

    The application would be for the park cleanups that FOSR does; recently we were pulling cut honeysuckle up the bank with a standard yellow tow strap. Having a bunch of people beats trying to scramble uphill alone. Besides pulling brush like that, we might also use it to pull some large items of junk.

    Does anyone here run a commercial sewing machine that could make something like this? It would have to be built for really hard tugging. I would provide the webbing. FOSR would pay for the work.

    If you’re interested, please write to info (at)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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