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Headed to Detroit for a mini getaway.. suggestions on cool places to check out.

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    We are staying downtown and have several places already planned to visit.. just wondering if anyone knows of some hidden gems to see in the city.



    Belgean Featherbowling.

    Basically like bocce ball, but you roll a wooden “cheese wheel” down a dirt half pipe. Detroit has the only facility in the US.

    Tom Over
    Tom Over

    For food, Goodwell’s and Avalon Bakery which are next to each other, kind of near the Wayne State area

    For urban ag, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network has some noteworthy sites (never been, but that’s what I hear)


    Agree on Avalon, but the rest of midtown is boring. I like to support local but most local places in Midtown are awful ( traffic jam and snug is the worst restaurant in the world). Also skip cadjeux, it isn’t that much fun and the mussels are not that good. If you are really looking for an urban farm I used to work on one near 7 mile and van dyke. My favorite food places include the following:

    Lafayette coney-downtown
    Dutch girl doughnuts- 7 mile and woodward. Ghetto as hell but well worth it.
    Sweetwater-downtown for thepir wings only
    Motor city soul food- w 7 milpe
    New center eatery- w grand blvd for chicken aNd waffles
    Any number of Arab restaurants in hamtramack
    Redcoat tavern-best burgers ever, in woodward in royal oak or brimingham (its right on the border)
    Happy hour only at Roast inside the westin downtown

    Overall, skip the city, not a great place to visit and an even worse place to live. Go check out Rochester, Birmingham, bloomfield hills, etc. Stay inside your hotel room at night, and do not run your mouth to anyone, you will get shot. Remmeber this is not columbus, with all the wanna be thugs, this is Detroit, with the real thugs.

    Broadway for the bars and clubs on the weekend, it is fun on that strip on the weekend, but ghetto as hell and shots ring off all the time in bars on that strip.



    No hidden gem, but a tour of the Rouge River F-150 plant is highly recommended. There’s a catwalk about six feet above the perimeter of the final assembly line where you can see robots and the UAW working in harmony, plus a fascinating guy toward the end of the line who can slap 4×4 stickers on the bed flanks perfectly straight as he and the vehicle are moving apart.



    Goods Detroit is a very cool shop, think Wholly Craft meets Skreened.
    We participated in Maker Faire last fall which was held at The Henry Ford Museum, while touristy it was an interesting space filled with lots of history.



    It’s a little cheesy, but I really liked visiting the Motown Museum. Also, make sure you check out the Arab dining scene.



    Slows BBQ and The Sugar House are both great and on the same block of Michigan Ave.


    Mister Shifter





    Cool urban stuff to see? Greektown is fun, and the dequindre cut is a really interesting bicycle system to check out. I had a blast just riding the elevated rail line around a couple times. The waterfront is cool as well. I don’t know when eastern market is open, but if it is for your visit it looks like it would be AMAZING (it was clased when i went.)

    you can go see the old baseball stadium site (demolished) on Michigan Ave toward Corktown, which is also a pretty interesting area. You can also go wander through the old packard plant — its abandoned, and a massive facility that people just run all over.

    I wouldn’t let local champion scare you too much…it certainly is not columbus, but i never felt unsafe at night in downtown detroit–though I’m not sure i would venture too much further beyond that without knowing where you are going.



    The Detroit Eastern Market is a great place to visit, tons of vendors offering pretty much everything food-related you could want. They also have carts serving red-hot sausages dunked in homeade bbq sauce.

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