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    ➳ ➳ ROOM 1 : ♫Sound by Tristan & 716 Sound♫

    Frosty Tone’s 7 DEADLY SINS


    ♛ HATCHA & CRAZY D ♛ – *UK – Dubstep Pioneering Leaders

    [Sin City | Kiss FM | FWD]

    (1.5hr dubstep set)

    ♛ DYLAN ♛ – *UK – Renegade Hardware classics set

    [Freak | Renegade Hardware]

    (drum & bass)

    BIG BASHA – [Gradient | Surface | Frosty Tone]

    (bass music/80bpm +)

    POTENT J – [Frosty Tone | Nu Skool Pirates]

    (drum & bass +)

    LOONEY TUNES VS THE VERDICT – [One Time! | Frosty Tone]

    (mid tempo/funk/breaks/glitch hop)

    BIGGZ – [Petsheads]

    (dubstep +)

    HEMERA N’ NOX – [Cpt Wolfy Snd | Sub Filled Fri | Frosty]

    (dubstep +)

    Hosted by DEMI GOD MC

    [Frosty Tone | Prime Suspects]

    ➳ ➳ ROOM 2 : ♫Sound by Captain Wolfy Sound♫

    VS by Sub Filled Fri


    ♛ DEEMED ♛ – *PA, USA

    [Dubstar | Vibetown]




    BROTHER BEAR – [MNM Presents | Red Bull Buffalo]

    (bass music)

    BETA VS DA BUTCHA – [Nu Skool Pirates | Frosty Tone]

    (drum & bass)



    ROLA! VS NICKIE FOWLER – [Frosty Tone | GLNY]

    (bass music/4×4)

    BACEFACE VS LACQUA – [Frosty Tone]


    OXATOXIC – [K137 | Climate Control]


    Hosted by SHOWGOSEE MC – [Frosty Tone]


    ✔ THEMED EVENT: Sin City Recs / Freak Recs – Red, White & Black Show


    ✔ Lighting in both rooms, TV & Projections in main room

    ✔ More highlights, deco, full info TBA

    Sponsored by HeadSpace Glass

    2 Rooms / 18+ @ Dingen’s

    601 Dingens Street, Cheektowaga, NY 14206


    $18 early bird ✦sold out

    $22 presale / $30 @ door

    ¬Tix @ &


    ✪✪✪ Tickets also available at these outstanding locations ✪✪✪

    Dingen’s 601 Dingens 601 Dingens St (716) 895-3980

    Headspace 67 Elmwood Ave (716) 844-8907

    Terrapin Station 1172 Hertel Ave (716) 874-6677

    Ink Assassins 429 Grant St (716) 885-3333

    Madd Tiki 1432 Hertel Ave (716) 783-7652


    DIRECTIONS/trips under 8hrs

    BOSTON 7hr55min –

    BURLINGTON 7hr16min –

    NYC 6hr56min –

    ALBANY 4hr59min –

    SYRACUSE 2hr35min –

    UTICA 3hr27min –

    ITHACA 2hr52min –

    BINGHAMTON 3hr41min –

    ROCHESTER 1hr17min –

    TORONTO 2hr1min –

    LONDON 2hr51min –

    JAMESTOWN 1hr26min –

    CLEVELAND 3hr22min –

    COLUMBUS 5hr44min –

    PITTSBURGH 3hr42min –

    PHILADELPHIA 6hr55min –

    BALTIMORE 6hr43min –

    WASHINGTON 7hr23min –


    Stay up to date @



    The most influential act in Dubstep. Terry Leonard, aka Hatcha, the DJ who coined the term and has taken Dubstep further than any other. 2002 “…The destiny of an entire scene lay in his hands, every time he played.” He’s an actual DJ in the true essense and also a producer/label owner. He stems back to beginning as the first DJ taking on the new sounds by producers like EL-B, Zed Bias & Horsepower. Going back to resident @ Forward in 2001 & early Rinse DJ with his MC Crazy D, he’s been shaping the genre with exclusives from pioneering producers across the growing style. From Dubstep All Stars 1, to Resident on Kiss FM, and his newest mission Sin City Recordings, Hatcha has withstood the test of time and will be an everlasting impression on music.

    MC Crazy D, not to mention Frosty Tone favorite, is a resident on Kiss FM in London with Hatcha and is a dominating voice of this bass generation! He’s got his finger on the pulse and has been Hatcha’s MC since day one! From producing with the likes of Kromestar, DJ ENME, Standard Procedure, Cotti, Killa P & Mr Party to gracing the mic as a true MC should on the stages next to Hatcha since day one, he’s introduced many new tracks and has brought much knowledge the masses. He’s a pioneer in the Dubstep scene and has plenty of studio time in production. His voice compliments the mix and tracks as he takes control with ease and lets the music flow. Whoa Whoa Whoa!!


    The name Dylan needs no introduction when it comes to drum & bass, He has been at the top of the scene for some time now and this is well deserved! Dylan began back in the Electro era buying records and mixing them up on a couple of budget turntables, He then followed the music and studied all the different genres, evolving from Electro to Hip Hop to House and finally, his life…Drum n’ Bass! Taking the obvious first step, Dylan played on the London pirate radio scene with long time friend B Key for many years. His shows were legendary, with exclusive track selections and plenty of added humour to keep the listeners entertained (…Dylan is definitely known as the prankster to his friends!). Dylan decided to turn his twisted mind to the production side of things, borrowing the money for his first studio set up from his Nan (…who he’s never paid back…oops!), and started to master the sampler and computer with B Key. They would spend every hour possible getting to grips with the equipment, and soon had some tracks complete – which they played to Danny Breaks. This lead to the debut releases of Kosmos “Tighten Up” and ”Liquid Beats”. By then, Dylan had definitely caught the bug and hasn’t looked back since. He has continued to produce killer after killer including the anthem “Need You” with Ink, The“Inferno EP,Dominion and Penitentiary to name a few. Releasing on renown labels such as Renegade Hardware, Outbreak, Cylon, Moving Shadow,Droppin’ Science,Architecture,Juice, Fuze, Musica, Biotic, XXX and has collaborated with a slew of top producers in the scene as well as his own projects ‘Faith in Chaos’ alongside Robyn Chaos, and ‘The Four Horsemen’ together with Loxy, Keaton, and Ink. From his residency at the Renegade Hardware nights at The End in Central London, to across the U.S., South Africa, Europe, Puerto Rico and, of course, the U.K., Dylan’s djing has been consistently crippling dancefloors for years. His style ranges from demented darkness to ghetto funk, always retaining those trademark hard-driving, solid beats. Forthcoming projects include the launch of his own new label Freak Recordings, releases for Goldie’s Metalheadz, Timeless, and a continuing onslaught of discothèque destroyers for your listening pleasure….


    Up & coming Dubstep producer from Pennsylvania. Crunchy Bass lines and a true dubstep style. Connection made through NeckBrace! He’s tracks get support from Shivers, Consciosu Pilot, Benzmixer, Akira, Bryzergold, Drugganaut, Knife, AD, Maddman & more… Labels, Dubstar, Resonance, Dark Adversary, Altered, Lowr Levels & more




    “The History Of Dubstep” Live on Kiss!! Chef special guest in the studio.. This is an old school dubstep mix, not exactly what to expect at the show in Buffalo, but an awesome recording and session showcasing mixing skills.



    Dylan Live recording, not exactly what he’ll be doing but it is another good recording. On March 22 in Buffalo, Dylan’s set will be an “All Renegade Hardware Classics set”

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