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    DavidF said:
    1. I do agree the focus has been on the bottle pouring allegation and not on the overall negative experience. The fact of the matter is that not every place is going to please every patron every time. That this persons tastes vary from the majority does not take away from the fact that they came away with a negative impression of the business. This is something that should be taken seriously.
    2. I have seen several mixed reviews about Knead on this site (especially early on) and that the owners have been pretty responsive to criticism and have made several changes to improve their business.
    3. In contrast to #1, it is also true that if you spend all of your time trying to please everybody, then you end up pleasing nobody. No business is going to appeal to everyone. Do what you do, and do it well. In the end, that is all that we can ask of any establishment.


    I often wonder about the tolerance level people have when reporting they’d never darken the door of X business again – it takes some incredibly outrageous behavior on behalf of a number of people inside a restaurant & a non-favorable response to my email/phone call with a “person in charge” AND terrible food for me to make such declarations. People have bad days.



    In other news………, I had lunch at harvest for the first time 2 weeks ago. My friend and I split the Farmers salad and the Goat Cheese pizza. Not only was it delicious and filling but it was only $7 each! Everyone I came in contact with was nice, attentive and professional as well.


    @realist so if the hostess really was the issue, can you describe a little more how it was so bad? did she tell you to FOAD or something? It really doesn’t sound all that bad, she took your name down, and even came to get you on more than one occasion to get your table, seems to me that you could have gone to the table when she told you about it, and you could have had your cocktail brought to your table. Instead you took up space at the bar and let a table sit empty. I hate to be so negative but I just don’t understand why you feel you had such a horrible experience, these people are all only human, what exactly do you expect from a hostess?


    also, don’t even get me started on Piada, I literally had my worst customer experience of my entire life with that company….. and I gave them more chances and they’ve improved drastically. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to write off another local business without a second try.



    Tried to go last night around 7pm and it was PACKED.. drove by and couldn’t park and it appeared the wait was pretty significant so I kept on driving and went to High Beck. The windows were down in the car and it did smell delicious! Is it packed most nights? I am not a fan of waiting and really want to check it out.



    bayrea said:
    Tried to go last night around 7pm and it was PACKED.. drove by and couldn’t park and it appeared the wait was pretty significant so I kept on driving and went to High Beck. The windows were down in the car and it did smell delicious! Is it packed most nights? I am not a fan of waiting and really want to check it out.

    Harvest is definitely busy in the evenings. Saturday lunchtime might be a better time to try it is you aren’t willing to wait.


    Hot tip: Park in the church parking lot across from 185, it’s less than a block walk.



    I went to Curio and Harvest on a Thursday and everyone in our party enjoyed themselves. The drinks at Curio were amazing, well thought out and strong…as they should be.

    Filling my belly and wetting my whistle is just half the reason I go out to eat. The other half is to enjoy the company of the people that are with me. I understand there are times when your food or drinks take a while, it could put a hiccup in your night but at a place like Harvest it is worth the wait.

    When we went, our drinks took longer than the average bar to reach the table but our drinks were far from average. Best Manhattan I’ve had in a while.

    Also I think his estimate of 15 minutes is exaggerated because he was hungry/thirsty.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Anne & I went last Friday for the first time and really enjoyed it. There was maybe a 20 minute wait when we arrived, so like many others we went to Curio for drinks. Incredible space and a wonderfully high-end hand crafted cocktail menu. Anne & I aren’t cocktail connoisseurs, so I can’t say that we loved what we ordered at Curio, but could certainly appreciate the craftsmanship.

    The hostess came to get us at Curio and brought us to our table. We opted to sit outside on the patio and I’d say it was the nicest patio I’ve been to since our last trip to Milestone 229. The sun got on the other side of the restaurant and it was really nice in the shade with a mild breeze.

    Pizza was good too! Wood fired like bono, and delicious toppings. Probably only took 15-20 minutes for our pizzas to arrive after ordering.

    Definitely worth checking out. Would recommend Harvest to just about anyone.

    We’ll be sending our food reviewer over there soon too. ;)




    There’s a reason you’ll always have to wait at Harvest in the evening. The pizza is really good as far as preparation, selection of toppings and freshness.

    Curio is my favorite overall cocktail experience in Columbus as far as the drinks, staff and space. It’s the space that really does it for me. We love visiting Cris at M’s bar for cocktails but we don’t care for much else there. We went to Curio again on Wednesday and had a wonderful experience. On my first two visits, they were still getting comfortable with their offering and it was difficult to do too much off the menu. I’ve had most of the drinks, and they’re really good, but not necessarily my type. With our last visit, I was very happy with the bartender’s recommendations based on what I wanted include in the drink. Last Word and Boulevardier.

    If you go to Harvest, hope there’s 30-45 minute wait, because you’ll have a good excuse to grab a drink at Curio next door.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    I had a business lunch on Tuesday at Harvest. My colleague liked it so much (his first visit) that we went back the very next day for another lunch we had scheduled. As always, service and food were outstanding.



    Review: Harvest Pizzeria
    Published on July 25, 2012 10:00 am
    By: Morgan Kelley

    Harvest is located on a (formerly) quiet narrow stretch of South Fourth Street on the northern end of German Village. The restaurant is cozily tucked inside half of a renovated historic building where customers sit elbow to elbow while the pizzas are wood-oven fired not far away in a semi-exposed kitchen. The patio out front offers a bit more wiggle room and easily doubles the capacity of the restaurant. Everything about Harvest from the furniture to the flatware feels traditional with a modern flourish, and upscale with a casual touch.

    As the name implies, the menu at Harvest Pizzeria centers on the pizza. There’s a collection of ten specialities to choose from with toppings that range from truffles to clams to goat cheese. There’s also a small selection of salads and appetizers available.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/review-harvest-pizzeria



    New Columbus Chefs: Matt Owens
    Published on October 9, 2012 12:15 pm
    By: Walker

    Artisan pizza has been all the range in Columbus over the past few years with a half-dozen new restaurants specializing in wood-oven pies have opened throughout the city. One of the shining stars of that scene is Harvest Pizzeria praised for both its character-rich ambiance and the incredibly tasty pizzas served up by Head Chef Matt Owens.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/new-columbus-chefs-matt-owens



    ThaMissus said we were going to Harvest after I suggested we go out tonight. My first visit and a solid thumbs-up. Great cocktails, interesting wine and well thought out beers. Pizza was (as Walker stated previously) comparable to Bono, which I’d categorize as high praise. I think that more than one restaurant could benefit from whatever instruction the servers were given. Wish they’d open one in North Campus/South Clintonville.


    I would like to fill my entire refrigerator with the jars or warm ricotta and lavender.

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