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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Green B.E.A.N. Delivery Review

    April 22nd, 2011

    In March, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery offered my family a chance to review their produce delivery service. I have been curious about their Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture, and Nutrition service and I eagerly said ‘yes’.

    After an email exchange registering my address, we were set for delivery. The very next Wednesday, a green box arrived on the front porch. Lil helped me unpack the organic fruits and vegetables. She couldn’t wait for the pictures to be taken so she could dive into the strawberries.




    Man that’s such a nice service I just wish organic foods were more affordable or in reach.
    I know something’s are pretty affordable or comparable to its non-organic counterpart but my household loves milk so at 4.25 Per half gallon we would go bankrupt.



    Yeah, that awesome fruit I got with the delmonte tags still on it was WAY worth it…



    I’m interested in anyone’s feedback who have used their service. This is something I have considered using for a bit now. Thanks for the post, Walker.



    desecration wrote >>
    I’m interested in anyone’s feedback who have used their service. This is something I have considered using for a bit now. Thanks for the post, Walker.

    The convenience of delivery is great…but…

    1. There was nothing special or local about the produce at all. The local selections are VERY slim.

    2. The poultry and bison that is delivered fresh from the local area comes frozen. Its still good…but I don’t consider it fresh if its frozen.

    3. I have had HUGE customer service issues. I customized my order because the random basket had nothing I wanted several weeks in a row. I got that order, then they reverted me to the old order without telling me. Then when I sent them an email to correct it I was told they couldn’t find my account…even though the email came in the name on the account, from the email that the receipts are mailed to, etc. Then they DID find my account, but basically told me I hadn’t changed my order (apparently I ate imaginary bison and poultry).

    4. The custom order I did, with the items I actually wanted, didn’t apply towards the minimum order…so my 25.00 in stuff I wanted was piled into a bin with the 25.00 stuff that I didn’t want and I was charged 50.00.



    I have a few friends who have tried them and it seems Core is not alone. The concept is good though. I kind of hope someday some of the local farmers market types can set up something that meets expectations. It could really be a great thing.



    My family has been using the service since Local Yokel left town a few months ago, and have not had any issues. We really love the convenience of delivery. I go online each week and look at what is to be in our bin for that week. If there are things I do not like, then it is easy to change that quantity to zero and replace it with produce I do want.

    Produce –
    We’ve been pleased with the quality of the produce. So far, local produce has been limited due to the time of year. Although most of what we’ve received has been from the US, I expect, and look forward to, much more local OH, IN, and KY produce in the coming weeks.

    Meat –
    We purchase poultry, pork, and bison from the site and have been very pleased with the quality. The meat arrives frozen. However, I grew up on a farm where we had our own meat butchered and frozen each year, so that has not been an issue for us. I will say we were less than impressed with the beef selections, so Blues Creek in North Market is still our top choice for beef.

    Other –
    We also normally skip the dry goods and grocery items, as those do tend to more costly than a regular grocery store.



    In all fairness, there isn’t local produce available during the winter in the Midwest that I am aware of? I would also imagine that it can take some time for a business like this to develop relationships with local farmers and build their supporting cast. I have been on board since December and have never had a customer service issue or quality issue, and love the convenience of having my veggies and Snowville brought right to my door.

    I think if people would open their mind a little bit and understand that local food is not easy to make accessible the way this company genuinely seems to be working very hard to accomplish, it would go a long way for the “movement” in general.

    I say kudos to GBD for all they do! I am looking forward to the growing season and the local produce that will come along with it. I cannot judge their selection just yet because local produce hasn’t even begun to come out of the fields!

    -Happy Customer



    I too love my Green B.E.A.N. delivery! I hope the fruits and veggies get “more local” when the midwest growing season gets underway.

    I have had great customer service. One week I got some green and yellow beans that were not of the best quality and I emailed them and they quickly credited my account. It’s very easy to change the contents of your bin by going online and adjusting the amount of things you want or don’t want.

    I feel like the fruits and veggies are fresher than what I could get in the store.

    I really appreciate Rachel’s cost comparison she did on her blog. I’d been wanting to do that myself but just never got around to it.

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