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    I also like Party Down.


    Porn star: Can I have a vodka red bull?

    Roman: Live long and prosper.

    Porn star: Hey… are you into sci-fi?

    Roman: Yeah. Are you into sci-fi?

    Porn star: Yeah, totally. I even did a sci-fi movie once. This alien did me with his tentacle arms. It was cool.

    Roman: It sounds cool. I haven’t seen that one. What’s your name?

    Porn star: Cramsy. Lisa, actually.

    Roman: I’m Roman. I’m a writer. I write movies and books. I have a blog. It’s pretty cool. So what kind of stuff are you in to?

    Porn star: All of it. What I really like is dragons.

    Romans: Dragons? sigh. Dragons are fantasy. If there’s magical talismans or a magic sword or wizards or fucking crazy not-real animals…. all these basic things that break laws of reality: that shit’s all fantasy. I’m into hard sci-fi. Fantasy is bullshit.

    -Party Down



    Jim Lauwers

    yeah sorry for derailing this thread, I figured you’d get it immediately and everyone would just roll their eyes at me and go back to discussing this massive TV event based on an apparently-impossibly-huge novel series that I’d somehow never heard of before yesterday.

    Anyway. It seems like a bad idea–to me–to do a TV show retelling a story that isn’t finished and may not be finished by the time the show catches up to the books. I mean eventually they’re just going to have to end with a title card reading “To Be Continued…?” right?


    While it may be a series of films instead of a series of TV shows, I think JK Rowling may disagree.



    Wow, I caught the 2nd reference but not the first. Just watched that episode too. Right over my head.

    Good point about it not being caught up. I hope it gets that far to start with. I think the author said there will be 7 books. Book 5 is out this summer. He has been taking a long time between books, but those things are hard to predict. The books are super duper long (book 3 is 1200 pages paper back). Honestly I was amazed when I heard they were picking it up at all. Some of the stuff in the later books is going to be really difficult to film. Especially on a TV show (even an HBO TV show) budget.


    Mister Shifter

    Off topic: I loved the Steve Guttenberg episode of Party Down. Someone needs to create a favorite episode thread :D


    Did anyone else see ‘Your Highness’? I saw it this weekend, and thought it was OK.

    Seemed pretty historically accurate, IMHO. Definitely ‘medieval fiction’.



    Finally just watched, and loved it. A lot.



    watched both the other day. i’m definitely in (for now.)

    damn, that’s a lot of main characters, huh?

    as although i have no problem with “fantasy” i actually kinda hope they’ll keep it much more human-relationship based and leave most of the dragon-y stuff in the far far past . . .



    Well, they’ve already had at least one legendary beast fairly significantly integrated into the plot (I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know if those little furry friends are a major part of the books’ plot, too).

    Arya is my favorite character so far. Well, aside from the puppies. Still, a lot of the cast hasn’t gotten much screen time yet, and there are a lot of characters to keep track of.



    Cant get the darn theme song out of my head today


    Mister Shifter

    Two episodes in and loving it so far. Going to watch ep. 3-4 tonight.


    Mister Shifter wrote >>
    Two episodes in and loving it so far. Going to watch ep. 3-4 tonight.

    Only gets better, I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to a lot more stuff going on beyond the wall.



    This is one of the few shows that makes the regularly scheduled DVR recordings. I have to say that this is one of the better shows out there right now in terms of acting and character interaction. There are definitely some Emmy winning performances in there. I agree with the fact that I hope they leave some of the legendary monsters (the whitewalkers) as legends and do not play into them too much. There are enough monsters in the human groups, that we they have plenty of drama to go around already. Winter is coming!

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