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First signs of the new Milton Ave. bike boulevard!!

Home Forums General Columbus Discussion Development First signs of the new Milton Ave. bike boulevard!!

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    :D :D :D :D

    This popped up today (was probably done during the wee hours of the night).






    These should be one a lot more streets.

    Dennison in the Peach District and VV

    Calumet in Clintonville

    Hamilton Ave in Linden

    Neil Ave the whole way

    3rd ave from Granview to Italian village and onto 2nd ave into Milo

    3rd St in GV

    Bryden Rd/Town St


    For those who don’t ride this way that much (or if you’re like me, live just a couple hundred feet away), here’s a google link. Hope it works :p

    View Larger Map

    Edit: it’s right about where the “W” is on West Kenworth.



    Thanks for the life-size pics! :lol: Zach is right, we should have markings on streets that are already reasonably bike-friendly. Why not bring attention to what we got? It’s a lot cheaper than converting one-ways too. I’d also have to add Long St to that list east of Downtown. After all;

    Keith, this is in response to your e-mail to Council member O’Shaughnessy’s office dated July 16, 2008.

    We will certainly keep you updated on the progress of this request.

    If you have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me.

    Carla Williams-Scott

    Assistant Director


    50 West Gay Street

    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    (614) 645-5619

    (614) 645-2260 (fax)

    [email protected]

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Kutney, Leonard G.

    Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:16 PM

    To: Lewis, William A.; Grove, Patricia R.; Williams Scott, Carla R.; Cady, Lelia E.

    Subject: Long Street Speed Limit Study and Recommendation to the T&PC

    Our apology for the short notice, however you may not need to attend as passage is expected

    The Transportation and Pedestrian Commission is scheduled to meet at 3:30 PM today in the ground floor conference room at 109 N. Front St

    The staff will recommend a speed limit reduction on Long St from Champion to Hamilton from 35 to 30

    If approved by the commissioners, we will then with council approval, (legislation), send the request for approval to ODOT

    If they approve the change the signage would then be changed after council passes the appropriate legislation.

    The process takes several months due to the required legislation.

    We will notify you of the commissions decision next week.

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Grove, Patricia R.

    Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 8:40 AM

    To: Williams Scott, Carla R.

    Cc: Lewis, William A.; Kutney, Leonard G.; Cady, Lelia E.

    Subject: Long Street Speed Limit Study and Recommendation to the T&PC

    The Transportation and Pedestrian Commission approved staff’s recommendation to lower the speed limit from 35 to 30. Please contact Len Kutney or Bill Lewis if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Pat Grove

    Recording Secretary

    Transportation and Pedestrian Commission



    More were added last night! Also, the stretch of pavement along Milton to the north of the intersection is now paved. It’s quite nice. They’re going to start working on the south side now, I believe.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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