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    Matt Boyd

    Craft brewers are no different than any other business owner. They are going to respond to market desires…and the market has desired IPA’s for a long time. It is no surprise you see a lot of bottled and canned IPA’s in stores and new ones coming out constantly.

    However, if you actually get to the breweries themselves…all those same brewers are stacking their brew pub only taps with Gose, many varieties of Berliner Weisse, English milds….all the stuff they really enjoy….but are not in high demand in the distribution based marketplace.

    Anyway, got to visit Cigar City Brewing again this past week. First time there in a year or more. Damn do they do a great job of this very kind of large brew pub only selection I am talking about. I think I tried about 20 different beers of theirs (in 4 oz. pours) over three days. Some awesome, some average, and some I didn’t care for, but that is what I like about places like CCB. They experiment, put it all out there, and then listen to the response they get from their patrons. I had a Prickly Pear Berliner Weisse that was hot pink in color, about 3.5% ABV, and a delicious beer for a hot day. I also had a red wine barrel aged version of Jai Alai IPA that really threw my taste buds for a loop, but not necessarily in a bad way. Can’t wait for my next trip back down there.

    Gus W
    Gus W

    I feel like IPAs have been played out, and if you drink them too much, which I did for awhile, they kill your taste buds when trying to get into other, less hoppy beers.



    I can certainly see myself in a few of these…


    That’s pretty nicely done. If I’m one, it’s the glassware obsessive dude. I do get an, in retrospect, disproportionate joy out of pouring a Saison Dupont into a Saison Dupont glass (or Aventinus, which has a way cool glass). I’ll admit it. Primarily, though, I think it’s important to use decent glassware when drinking decent beer. If I have a default, it’s a Duvel glass (I have several) because they’re cool looking (lots of artsy variations) and their huge balloon/snifter design allows when to capture just about any beer. It’s fun, and I like having people over and sharing great beer with them in great beer glasses. Hell, I even wash them all myself afterwards. Drives me crazy when, at catered events, servers hand out bottles of CBC IPA with little napkins wrapped around them (for what reason, I cannot fathom) while even the shittiest of wines gets poured in a plastic cup. I mean, yeah, you can’t just hand someone a wine bottle, I get it, but still. I don’t drink wine out of a bottle (I mean, not since high school), and see no reason to drink beer out of one, either. If that makes me a snob, so be it.



    Who wants to fund my hops gum kickstarter?


    <P>Skoal needs to make a hops dip for you addicts. ;)</P>

    I’d try it.

    Who wants to fund my hops gum kickstarter?

    Let’s do this.


    However, if you actually get to the breweries themselves…all those same brewers are stacking their brew pub only taps with Gose, many varieties of Berliner Weisse, English milds….all the stuff they really enjoy….

    And most always an IPA too, why? Because like you said the market demands it, and I’ll get pissed and throw a hissyfit if not.



    my dead horse complaint is like this, say 5 breweries open up in columbus. all 5 make an ipa, and then the local pubs put all 5 ipas on tap. now everyone is drinking ipas and i’m there with a sour look on my face (probably from drinking the ipa) wondering where my wheat beers are. it’s 90 degrees out!

    Or my kingdom for a Belgium. Something… anything! It’s now an arms race at who can create the drink that best resembles grass clippings and we’er all the losers :(



    While I agree about the IPA arms race, I’m hopeful, too, that we may see more local Belgians on draft. I love Sideswipe’s saison and just about everything I’ve tried by Actual (not all Belgians of course). I know Sideswipe is working on a taproom, so I hope we start seeing more of their stuff in kegs. Too, there is a lot of other non-IPA goodness out there. Have you tried Land Grant’s koelsch?



    Yeah I rock Land Grants Koelsh when at 16-bit. Damn good. Same goes for Zaubers.

    Speaking of Zauber, they make a killer Märzen, same with Hofbrau’s.

    Now I’m just rambling. is it the weekend yet?


    Mister Shifter

    I think there’s a lot of exaggeration going on here. It seems like every time I go to Strongwater or any other local watering hole the local selections aren’t IPA’s.

    For instance, take a look at the entire current local/Ohio selections on tap at The Crest right now

    Almost all of them aren’t IPA’s or pale ales. In fact, there’s only one IPA on the entire list, and it’s a black IPA. The rest are gose, scotch ales, sours, berliner wiesse, etc.


    Brew Kettle Black Rajah (Black IPA)
    Brother’s Drake Hopped Ohio (Mead)
    Hoof Hearted Thudstaff (Imperial Stout)
    Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Outta Kilter (Scotch Ale)
    Hoppin Frog The King Gose Home (Gose)
    North High Milk Stout (Milk Stout)
    North High WildCard! (English Pale Ale)
    Nowhere In Particular The Riveter (American Strong Ale)
    Rambling House Ginger Ale (Ginger Ale)
    Rhinegeist Hans (Vienna Lager)
    Rivertown Deth Imperial Ghost Stout (Imperial Stout)
    Rivertown Divergent (Berliner Weisse)
    Rivertown Soulless Scarlet Sour Ale (Sour)
    The Brew Kettle Summer Rays Belgian Wit (Witbier)
    Thirsty Dog Bernese (Barleywine)
    Thirsty Dog Maibark (Maibock)
    Thirsty Dog Old Druid Bloodhound Saison (Saison)
    Thirsty Dog Saison de Chardonnay (Saison)
    Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout)
    Thirsty Dog Whippet What (Wheat Beer)

    The rest of the non-local taps are very in much in line with the above. I feel if anything IPA’s have become less popular lately since people have become more adventurous trying new styles.

    A few other random places I checked online:

    101 Beer Kitchen – 19 taps – 4 IPA’s
    Gallo’s Tap Room – 20 taps – 4 IPA’s (one of them is a session IPA)
    Studio 35 – 39 taps – 8 IPA’s
    Pies & Pints – 37 taps – 5 IPA’s
    Zauber Brewing Co – 15 taps – 1 IPA


    Matt Boyd

    Mister Shifter put that discussion to bed. Well done sir.



    Looks like the effort to raise Ohio’s abv limit is underway again:



    It seems to have a bit more traction than previous attempts. Fingers crossed.


    Mister Shifter

    Rhinegeist’s “Hustler” has quickly become one of my new favorite session/everyday beers. Relatively low ABV pale ale with a great rye flavor. I like rye IPA’s but sometimes it’s just a bit much. This is easy to throw back, but with a surprising amount of complexity. Super tasty.


    Matt Boyd

    I was thinking this thread would rise to the top with Alpine coming to town. Anybody had any of their beers?

    Personally, I’m looking forward to trying my latest APA home brew that should be done carbonating in about 1 week.

    Malt: 2-row, Melanoidin Malt, Victory Malt, 20L Crystal, 40L Crystal, Cara-Pils
    Hops: Millennium (bittering), Centennial, Cascade, and Citra (late boil and dry hops)
    Yeast: WLP002
    4.75% ABV

    Should be a good one for hot summer days.


    I’ve been going back and forth between Oberon and Truth as my go-tos the last couple of weeks.

    I did pick up these two this week.

    The sour was good, but nothing special. I haven’t tried the other yet.

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