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    Over the course of the first two weeks in August (with one extra day from July thrown in for good measure), Milwaukee’s Peter J Woods and Minneapolis’ Bryce Beverlin II are hitting the road. With pedigrees in multiple fields, both artists decided it was time to spread out and occupy a little wider space. At almost each stop, the artists will be performing two nights in a row: one where both artists perform solo noise/avant-garde music pieces, and the other being a combined theatre show and physics lecture.

    In Columbus they will appear for one night only, performing theatre. Local puppet troupe Puppeteria will also perform their sci-fi puppet grotesquerie Diatomaceous Urth!

    Venue: Skylab

    Venue Address: 57 Gay Street

    Venue Phone: 614-704-4699

    Date: Friday August 5th

    Time: 9PM

    Cost: $5

    Artists on Bill: Peter J Woods, Bryce Beverlin II, Puppeteria

    Artist Websites:,,


    Having worked extensively with a number of different theatre companies around Milwaukee (Insurgent Theatre, Pink Banana Theatre, Damned Theatre, Alamo Basement) and regionally (Bedlam Theatre in Minneapolis, The Chicago Sketch and Comedy Festival), Woods has decided to branch out on his own with the extended monologue “Pity.”

    Two and a half years in the making, “Pity” chronicles the a slow, tedious, and abstract suicide from an unnamed character as he slowly covers himself entirely in black cloth as he furiously defends the fact that he has absolutely no purpose for doing this in the first place. The piece works through themes such as the shortcomings of our spoken language and the constricting nature of theatre conventions in the process.

    “Woods’ art is admirable not least for his defiant disregard of the sacred dictates of the marketplace. His abstractions send out spider-strands into the enveloping dark, inviting us to follow their connections, possibly to get trapped and have our vital juices sucked dry–or just perhaps, to find the exit.”- Jeff Grygny, The Examiner


    Bryce Beverlin II is a physicist nearing completion of his PhD at the University of Minnesota where he

    investigates the role of neural oscillations in the brain. His study bridges the subjects of neuroscience, biophysics, and mathematics including graph theory, electrochemical signal propagation, information coding within noisy systems, and the application to disease states such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s. Beverlin has published in the Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Frontiers of Systems Neuroscience, and Springer books. Bryce has worked as “The Physicist” with the Body Cartography’s production of “1/2 life,” a multidisciplinary work for the stage centered on the development of nuclear

    energy. In addition to the presentation of recent work, Beverlin’s physics lecture is designed to be an open discussion where the audience is welcome to inquire about any subjects in physics. It’s not often you have access to a physicist, so think of some good questions! More information on Bryce may be found on his website:

    MORE ABOUT PUPPETERIA- Diatomaceous Urth is a 15 minute sci fi puppet show featuring shadow puppets, giant puppets and hand puppets (or muppets). It also features GIANT BEDBUGS DESTROYING THE WORLD!!!! It’s fun. It’s grotesque. It’s irreverent and celebratory.

    Puppeteria is a DIY puppet theatre troupe that performs all original plays and uses dumpstered & recycled materials for constructing its sets & puppets. Our plays are political in their content. Through our productions we seek to spark conversation about issues ranging from nuclear weapons to prisons to heteropatriarchy to consumerism.

    We have been playing across the US since our first show in 2008, including a 3-month national tour in 2010.


    Contact Peter J Woods at [email protected] or 414-861-7216


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