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Every Friday @ The High Five ~~ $100 Wet T-Shirt Contest

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    sorry its just since i have moved here, i have heard that one should stay away from any hiphop oriented bars or clubs. i saw a thread on here about major woody’s and violence that happens there. i have heard from friends in real life that high 5 is a bar that hiphoppers frequent a lot. i am just asking would my friends and I be able to hang out, sip a few martinis at our table and have a good time enjoying the music, or would we be hassled by the hiphoppers?



    Columbus is not hard like that dude ….

    peoples won’t bother you unless you start something ….

    you can sit drinking martinis until your blue in the face, no ones gonna even so much as bump into you ….

    that being said, come to bento go go tonight and you will see plenty of people sippin martinis and having a grand ole time. hip hop / pop / dancehall / dfa etc. type music. no fights with random people allowed ….

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I thought that High Five was more of a place to sit around sipping PBRs instead of martinis, but either way I wouldn’t expect anyone there to give anyone else a hard time for no reason.

    Overall, I’d say it’s rare to see any real violence in a club/bar in the Short North or Downtown. You’d need to head out to some really seedy dives in really seedy neighborhoods (Hilltop, Mid-East-Side, South-East-Side, etc) to find the places where you’d encounter regular nights of dangerous patrons.



    20thousandinmypocket wrote i am just asking would my friends and I be able to hang out, sip a few martinis at our table and have a good time enjoying the music, or would we be hassled by the hiphoppers?

    this is almost hilarious :D

    basically here in columbus, it’s more about the area, than anything to do with what type of music is being performed or playing.

    you are more than safe from witnessing a fight or being harassed in any establishment in the short north, no more or less so at the high five. it just doesn’t happen in that area. that’s why i love doing shows there. great people, and an inviting environment.

    i would stay away from the middle west, south west, middle east, north east, and south east sides unless you know for sure it’s cool. anything outside of 270 is fine. the brewery district is cool, as is the arena district. campus is ok, even though i probably only would go to either oldfields on high or bentos.

    so to answer your question in short… you are more than fine at the high five whether you are chugging a pbr, or sipping a martini. that’s what makes the short north so great. the high five is a live music venue for the most part though, so check what show is going on there to decide ahead of time on whether you will enjoy it or not.




    good answer schooly d …..



    Forgot to mention that Wild Kyle won that DJ comp last week. So if you know him… ask him to borrow $100!!

    This week will feature a great performance lineup… and crazy fun contest… Best Booty!!



    Wutang Slide Instructional Video!!



    After midnight Lefty will be spinning a special set featuring Baltimore Club, Bamabounce, and Booty for the crowd. He’ll start spinning no later than midnight, probably around 11:40.

    Should be a hella fun time.



    I’ll get the links up here asap for February

    Check it!

    Don’t sleep on the Producers Competiton. Definitely going to raise a few eyebrows here. Packed show as well.



    Tonight is the final deadline to submit material for the Producer’s Challenge. No exceptions what so ever will be made. For more info, see the Producer’s Challenge Post in the Misc Events section.

    Producers looking to compete. First dibs at sign up and to get the material cds is tomorrow night at the High Five from 8pm-2am. Every one looking to compete in the producer’s challenge will get free access tomorrow night.

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