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    I will be working downtown starting next month and I’d like some insight on reasonable parking garages (prefer a garage, but lot is fine). I will be working at the William Green Building for the state, which is at High St & Spring St. (There’s parking attached to WGB but there is at least a 12-month waiting list). If possible, I’d like to find something within a block of the building and pay less than $100 per month. If daily lots are available, I may be interested, but I’d prefer not to fight for a spot every morning!

    The research I have done online has been quite frustrating. I have found several parking garage companies, but only one has been able to provide a submission form to request monthly parking (Central Parking). Few even provide phone numbers, so I’m not sure if I have to go to the actual garages to apply for monthly parking.

    I’m familiar with downtown and have driven around to get some ideas, but I wanted to hear from others on their experiences with any particular garages/lots in this part of downtown. It’s a hefty investment to make, so any help is appreciated!


    Analogue Kid

    Parking in that area is definitely hard to come by. There are surface lots 3-4 blocks to the east near 3rd/4th but not much in the immediate area.

    Would COTA be an option for you? The express bus I take goes right in front of the William Green building. A $62 or $85 monthly pass is going to save you money versus garage fees.



    There is a surface lot one block to the east, at spring and 3rd, under the giant bill boards. That is pretty much all monthly parking. Also across Spring at the electronic Coke bill board.



    Buckeye Garage at 55 E Long st Is 115 a month non reserved.
    (614) 224-1320

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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