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    If COSI had a budget to use on facility improvements, it would be better spent on opening the space up to the riverfront–i.e., a restaurant/event space (enclosed in glass?) overlooking the river/skyline–rather than allowing people to simply walk through it, IMO.

    And yes, this park was part of the original plan. That makes it no less exciting that it’s coming to fruition; great plans are too often scuttled, and I’m relieved/excited that this plan has not been.



    ^^ yes they need more things right by or even right on the river, even if it means elevating them on strong supports to be above any flood line(why not, we have a similar thing with all the bridges?) It would be nice to have some destinations along the walkways IMO although everything they have done is great and this IMO would just improve an already good thing.



    I hope the city has a master plan for the peninsula, & not just a “we envision the peninsula to look this way” type of thing.
    it could have a cohesive look, by which I mean how each building relates to the others. not that every building should look the same – how they relate to each other overall as a group. since it will likely be built in stages over the course of years, a master plan would be necessary to carry this out.

    also, I think we need a new nick-name for this area, Scioto Peninsula doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.
    “The Penn” isn’t very attractive.
    Is there already something called “River West”?
    If we can get the other new Museums from Wexner, it could be our own little Monuments Valley.

    Im not coming up with anything clever…..



    ^^ yes they need more things right by or even right on the river




    The simplest thing I can think of is Peninsula Park. Not particularly creative, but dropping the “Scioto” it makes it simpler. If the surrounding gets build up, it would act as a commons and could be called Peninsula Commons (PenCom?) but again, it’s not that great either.

    It does seem a bit crowded though to have North Bank Park, Alexander Park, Batelle Riverfront Park, Scioto Mile, Bicentennial Park, Genoa Park, and Scioto Peninsula Park so close together. I’m sure whatever is attached to the new Vets will have its own name and then there may be a separate park for whatever is added on the southern part of the peninsula. Yet it all falls under the Scioto Greenways umbrella. Or was Scioto Greenways just the name of the dam removal and it will fade away into obscurity?


    How about a space like the City Museum in St. Louis where the zoo facility was supposed to go. Columbus needs more fun!

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    The Dispatch today had an article on River South. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/05/17/riversouth-transforms-downtown-wasteland-to-vibrant-district.html.

    They have a map with a list of proposed/under-construction/completed projects. Number 9 on the map they have is across the river on the triangle of land south of COSI that was supposed to be the place of the downtown zoo. It says ‘unnamed, five story mixed use building, proposed.

    Is this a mistake or is there some proposal for that site that I have not heard about?

Viewing 7 posts - 241 through 247 (of 247 total)

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