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Dog boarding

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    I’m going on vacation for 6 days in June and am looking for a place to board my 70 lbs. lab mix. When I travel for a day or two, I leave him at Pet Palace, but would like to find someplace a bit more outdoors-oriented and with more social interaction for this longer stay. Anyone have any good recommendations? Any places to avoid?



    We take our dog to Pawsitive Energy our in Marysville, and I can’t say enough good things about the place. They keep all the dogs in ‘packs’ of similar size and temperament most of the time, so tons of playtime. They keep a close eye on any behavior issues. She comes back exhausted, and better behaved than when we sent her. It’s in a big heated barn with a large outdoor area. Our mutt actually gets excited when we pull up to the place. They come off as a little flaky on their website, but they’re great people. It’s almost like a local version of Ceasar Milan’s dog center. They have a good number of resident dogs that were rescued from kill shelters and just stay there all the time.



    Ooh… forgot to mention that they do a pickup/dropoff at Mill Run, so you don’t have to drive all the way out to Marysville every time.


    Sorry. I thought this was a new CIA interrogation technique.



    Pawsitive Energy is my go-to place as well…I forgot about the Mill Run pickup though! That would make it a lot easier. But yeah, it’s a great farm environment with horses & lots of dogs running around playing together. You can definitely feel no guilt dropping your dog off there.


    UncommonSense wrote >>
    Sorry. I thought this was a new CIA interrogation technique.

    Funny, I had the image of someone being tied to a board and puppies being dropped on them also

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    Yep. I third the nomination for Pawsitive energy. I’ve helped pick up a very large, stinky, happy dog there a couple times.
    Emphasis on the stinky. :)



    Yes, your dog will come home smelling like a horse pile. They’ll give ’em a bath right before you pick them up, for a fee. This is a wise investment.



    We used to board all the time, but our dog would come back with obvious signs of stress (hair matting, hoarse bark, etc). We started paying a kid on the block to come over and walk him a couple times a day while we were gone, and also asked another neighbor to stop by and let him out. With all this attention, we come home and the dog acts just like we’ve been gone to dinner and shows much less stress. I’d suggest finding a couple of responsible people to visit and leave the dog at home.


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    we always take Red to the Village Gate vet office, they do some boarding, in Grandview. they are really wary of him b/c he is kinda skidish around strangers and, well, dogs smell fear right? I cant recommend a place to take yours, b/c i am in the process of trying to find another place. i appreciate the post. pez, great advice though.



    Bumping an old thread rather than make a new one of the same topic.

    We’ve used the airport and Polaris Pet Palace locations multiple times before and never been unhappy. But I’m seeing some recent, similarly-themed negative Yelp reviews (kennel cough??) that are making me reconsider. Does anyone have any good dog boarding recommendations? Anywhere in Columbus is fine and price really isn’t a concern. I guess it would be nice to find somewhere that either allows late pick-up or charges a per-hour price for later pick-up rather than pay for an entire extra day if picked up after noon, but that’s not going to be a deal breaker either.



    We have been using Winchester Vet Clinic in Canal Winchester for years and they are amazing. Go for a run instead of a little space. They let us bring a bed and a toy. Give special treats every day (that we provide) take for a minimum number of walks or for a few dollars more, extra walks.
    They are the best.


    We really like City Dog daycare. Nice clean, bright facility run by people who really love dogs.
    It’s close to downtown with conveinient hours.
    The dogs have plenty of room to romp and play you can also pay to have the taken for walks or extra one on one play time.
    Bonus points for posting vids of your dog playing on their facebook page, makes for less anxiety when you are away but can watch your pup play.




    We live in Grandview and like Village Gate. We take our dog (60lb shepherd-collie mix) there a couple times a week for daycare, so occasionally we’ve been boarding there when we go out of town and have no friends/relatives available. Though they board their dogs in kennels, the boarded dogs get to mingle with the daycare dogs for social activity and not be couped up all day. When boarding, you can include as many toys, snacks/food, blankets, etc as you want. The staff is always friendly and seems to care for all their customers’ pets!

    We had previously used Alkire Kennels in Galloway on the recommendation of some friends, though it seemed a little burdensome to drive out there and cooperate with their pick-up and drop-off times, especially when coordinating with flight departures and arrivals. Every kennel includes its own indoor/outdoor run and seems very spacious. Our dog suffered a broken leg while a puppy, surgically repaired at OSU, but apparently the hardware became stressed as the leg grew. While boarded and playing at Alkire, our dog suffered an issue with the hardware by mere coincidence (according to OSU). Our biggest disappointment was that Alkire waited until we picked up our dog two days later to tell us our dog wasn’t walking on the leg; meanwhile our emergency contact would’ve known exactly what to do if they’d simply bothered to call. Though that was a little annoying and our dog has been perfectly fine since having the leg hardware surgically removed, we’d probably still consider using Alkire if we had not realized how much more convenient Village Gate is in terms of location (to us) and pick-up/drop-off.

    Prior to using Village Gate, we needed to board our dog once when Alkire was booked, so we used Big Walnut Animal Care Center in Galena on the recommendation of a co-worker. That was even much further out of our way, a much larger establishment and much more expensive in terms of additional “TLC time” costs just to show our dog some attention. Other than those costs, we had no major issues, but we’d probably only use them again if all our other options were unavailable, primarily because of location to us.

    Best of luck to you and your furry friend(s)!


    James Ragland

    We use Berwick Animal Clinic for boarding and Vet services for our Boxer, Major. We are very pleased with their services. We trust them, and Major remembers the staff whenever we go. He enjoys being there.

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