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Will food trucks/carts stay open in the winter?

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    I really like what is going on in the food cart scene in Columbus. It really seems to have blossomed this year. I am wondering if some of the food carts/trucks will be open all year round. They seem to thrive in the winter in NYC, but I am not sure about Columbus.



    i was just at los gauchos on tuesday, it was rainy and cold. they have several tarps set up which kept the rain out and kept everything inside toasty and warm. i suspect they will be open throughout the winter.

    i read last year that a lot of the taco trucks stay open throughout the winter, but not sure about the crop of food carts without much protection against the elements.



    Junior’s Tacos at 5th & Highland was open all last winter, and I think he plan’s to stay open this year.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Yeah, I’d imagine the “trucks” have a better chance of being open as opposed to the “carts”.

    I spoke with Carla of 3 Babes & A Baker about the winter months awhile back and she said she’d be focusing more on delivery and catering service rather than having her truck out expecting foot traffic in the snow.



    We went to Los Potosinos today and they were open. They also said they are opening a restaurant location. Might be old news to everyone else but thought I’d share.



    I believe Ray Ray’s stays open all year.



    Here is the list of taco trucks that were open last winter.

    I would expect it to be similar this winter. The most established trucks stay open all year round.

    Potosinos are planning a second indoor location at a Flea Market on Alum Creek. We will update tacotruckscolumbus when it is open.

    I’ll try and find out more about what the other trucks/carts have planned for the winter.



    From Leslie’s Creperie:

    We will most likely will close the cart from xmas-until march. Maybe some special events. We will be focusing on some baked goods/pastry items to possibly supply some coffee shops with as well as taking orders. The cart will hit the street again March 1st(hopefully)

    You can follow them on twitter @lesliescreperie

    We will try and keep with @streeteatscbus twitter account updated with news of carts/trucks in action over the winter.



    Los Texacanos 614-364-8968 is still open now. I really like their food and they are very close to Clintonville at Weber and Pontiac (2 streets East of 71)

    I always get the $5 quesadillas(chorizo, chicken, and steak). their sauces are very good. they have 2, a chili diablo red hot sauce, and a milder jalepeno and green tomato sauce.

    I normally call ahead and it’s ready by the time I get there.

    they have tacos, Medium and large,

    and the meat selections are
    ground beef,


    I went “trucking” last night and there were four out on Georgesville. El Camioncito was also open on Norton.



    A few food truck updates:

    Los Guachos is now closed on Wed and Thursday evenings (as well as Monday). They are working on a second location which should be open soon.

    Fusion Cafe is cooking at Dick’s Den (inside) on Tuesday nights and available for private catering.

    Ray Ray’s plan to be open all winter, whatever the weather. They may be operating in a second location as well as Pacemont & High.



    hungrywoolf wrote >>
    Ray Ray’s plan to be open all winter, whatever the weather. They may be operating in a second location as well as Pacemont & High.

    Second location as in a second truck (or indoor location), or as in they’ll be moving back and forth?



    They are working on a second truck — but I think they will also be moving their current truck back and forth in the mean time.



    Ray Ray’s is definitely going to be open year round. I heard they have a truck they are building out for the spring to use for events like Wonderland and catering. I also heard they have another trailer that there looking to open in the short north full time…..


    We are winterizing our vehicle so we can serve and not freeze or succumb to propane gas poisioning. Repairs and modifications are almost complete. Besides, the cold weather modifications we’re installing, starting next Tuesady Dec. 14th we’ll be back inside Dick’s Den during the weekly Bluegrass Jam series practicing new recipes and menu oferings. We may be temporarily down due to the weather elements but we are not out! Come get your Fusion-on and enjoy some great music from some of Ohio’s best musicians.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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